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How NYC Hotels Cope With a 'Snow Day'

February 14, 2014 at 10:59 AM | by | ()

New York got snowed in again last night (and so did 48 other states) but this morning the doorman at The Algonquin in NYC was hard at work, squeegee-ing the street in front of the entrance. (Now that's a squeegee Giuliani would approve of!) Here's a description from the hotel's Facebook page about how the hotel dealt with the storm:

Well the most recent snow storm was a combination of heavy snow, rain and wind. The Algonquin engineering team stayed atop the mess through the course of the storm to be sure that passage on West 44th Street was safe. Doorman Jermaine Clark wanted to make certain that the entire area was safe for guests and is seen using the squeegee on the street to clear any remaining slush and debris. You really have to appreciate that sort of dedication, so typical of the spirit found at The Algonquin.

Meanwhile, downtown at The Ace Hotel, the doorman put their new parkas to work:

Back up in Central Park where the Trump Hotel views usually "trump" everything else, this was what they saw instead.

Ay, yi, yi. We hope warmer weather comes in soon!

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