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Listen Up, Fitness Buffs: We Have an Opening Date for EVEN Hotels

January 7, 2014 at 6:31 PM | by | ()

There are a lot of hotel openings to mark on the calendar this year but one that really caught our eye was the openings of the very first EVEN Hotels from InterContinental Hotel Group. Remember, EVEN is all about wellness and fitness and sticking to a healthy lifestyle while you're away from home.

According to their websites, both EVEN Hotels in Rockville, Maryland and Norwalk, Conn. will open on the same day--June 15. We plugged in the dates of June 15-17 and found a king room ("with a shower") for $171 a night in Rockville. (In Norwalk, the rate was $195.) The amenities listed include the following:

In-room fitness zone, sound-controlled refrigerator, 40inch HDTV, free high-speed internet, multi-media ports, iron and ironing board, ergonomic desk chair, workspace options, recycling bin, adjustable lighting, spa-like shower, ionic hairdryer, all-natural linens and eo bath amenities.

We're totally down with the in-room fitness zone and the free WiFi but what is this sound-controlled refrigerator? Is it going to set off an alarm if we try to reach for the mini-bar snacks? Aren't the snacks supposed to be healthy anyways?

Well, we guess too much of any healthy snack is still too much. Perhaps EVEN is just trying to help us stick to our calorie limits. We'll find out in June, fingers crossed.

[Photo: EVEN Hotels]

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