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Will The Virgin Hotel in Chicago Have a Hair Salon?

January 6, 2014 at 3:46 PM | by | ()

There are many things we want to know about the Virgin Hotel Chicago, set to open this summer as the first-ever Virgin Hotel from Sir Richard Branson's Virgin empire.

For starters, we really want to know what the guest rooms are going to look like. We're also curious about the food and beverage options. Lastly, we want a concrete opening date other than "Summer 2014."

While we are going crazy guessing over the answers to some of these questions, another person is wondering about the spa offerings, specifically if there will be a hair salon. The dear reader writes:

Hello, I am a Chicago based hair.makeupartist.photographer. I am inquiring to know if the new Virgin hotel to open in the summer will have a hair salon/spa within it. I'm sure it will include spa amenities [sic] but will it offer hair salon services as well? Tried to find info online but could not. Here is an international ad I did several years back with Richard himself.* Thank you for any insite [sic] into this.

Well, we asked and got this succinct answer from a Virgin Hotels' rep: No hair salon but yes spa.

Also, not opening at the Virgin Chicago anymore? The Virgin Clubhouse. Fortunately, the rooftop bar and lounge is still on. We're hoping to have more details on this mysterious Virgin in the coming months. But if you've got any inside scoop right now, let us know!

* Keep reading to see the picture!

[Photos: HotelChatter and a dear reader]

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