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Clement's Cocktail Promotion Has Us Hoping for a Chilly Day

Where: 700 5th Avenue [map], New York, NY, United States
January 30, 2014 at 2:00 PM | by | ()

We've just about had it with winter and these freezing temperatures ... just about. Believe it or not, there is actually one hotel promotion that has us almost hoping for a zero degree day -- well, there's the possibility of free cocktails involved.

The Bar at Clement, which opened at The Peninsula New York last fall, is debuting a new Warm Winter Cocktail menu in which the temperature outside will determine the winter drink prices. For every degree below 25 posted by Accuweather, the price will drop a dollar: if the weather is 15 degrees, the cocktail will be $15 and so on. Still sound too pricey? Here's the best part: if the temperature reaches zero degrees, cocktails are free! (only the ones on the Winter Warmer menu, mind). And, even better, bar guests will receive complimentary petit fours to accompany their zero-dollar drink. There's no catch like having to buy something else, and, no, the price doesn't go up when the temperature does -- that would just be rude.

The brand new Warm Winter Cocktail menu was developed by Clement Bar Manager Rich Lilley and features an assortment of cozy concoctions, including classic favorites like the Hot Toddy and Irish Coffee, as well as inspired creations like Bison Beer, (spiced beer syrup and Zu Bison Grass Vodka), and The Lumber Jack (Woodford Reserve, maple syrup, apple cider and butter).

Warm Winter Cocktails normally start at $25, but the temperature-based pricing will last until February 28th. We'll be watching the weather report until then.

[Photo: The Clement]

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