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When Will the First Denver Hotel Openly Allow Pot Smoking?

January 28, 2014 at 12:08 PM | by | ()

For tourists coming into the Mile High City looking to take advantage of its newly legalized recreational marijuana laws, a roadblock quickly reveals itself.

By law, pot can only be smoked in the privacy of your own residence. Not in public, not in bars, not in your car. So, if you're a tourist and you go buy pot legally, where exactly is the most obvious place to smoke it? That's right -- your hotel room.

But, according to a source who spoke to HotelChatter on the case of anonymity, most brand-name hotels are terrified of being portrayed as pot-friendly. Many impose a fine on guests who are caught smoking pot in their rooms, similar to the cleaning fee associated with cigarette smoking.

It's understandable to us why certain brand-name hotels would want to avoid being connected with the idea of smoking pot on the premises, but on the other hand, considering marijuana smoke does not permeate like cigarette smoke, we're wondering if the concept of a fine is simply for show or reserved in the case of guest complaints.

One thing is for sure: Hotels, whether they like it or not, will eventually either a) officially allow pot smoking in the rooms or b) fully commit to looking the other way. If not, tourists who want to smoke will have no choice but to seek other lodging options, such as AirBnb rentals from smoke-friendly locals. Remember, this is not the same case as cigarettes, where you can simply step outside. If someone wants to smoke marijuana, they'll have no choice but to find lodging where it is allowed.

We saw some shenanigans before pot even became legal, and now we're curious to see when the first property will openly allow smoking in the rooms, complete with ashtrays and rolling papers on the coffee table. It will most likely be an independently owned property, such as a boutique hotel or B&B. Let the countdown officially begin.

By the way, for those interested in learning how to buy pot in Colorado, check out the story from our bro Jaunted's trip to the weed store.

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