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Is This the Most Remote Hilton Property in the World?

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  Site Where: Batang Ai, Lubok Antu, Borneo , Malaysia
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A trip to the Malaysian side of Borneo is not complete without experiencing life in a traditional Iban longhouse. Our bro Jaunted is going to dish on that immersive experience next week for those of you who find the idea of sleeping on the floor or in the jungle appealing, but what about those of us who prefer a soft mattress? Well, a remote Hilton property near Batang Ai may be just the compromise.

Officially called the Batang Ai Longhouse Resort Managed by Hilton, this property is a 4-hour drive and a 15-minute boat ride from the nearest airport in Kuching. It's located amongst and adjacent to what makes Borneo famous: the rainforest. This means the main attractions are nature walks, hikes, boating, fishing, and chasing down wild orangutans.

While it is definitely a comfortable resort as far as the rooms go, the building itself is constructed and set up to model an Iban longhouse. The rooms are stacked side by side in a long row to replicate how traditional Iban families still live today. In addition to the activities above, you can also take a boat trip to visit one such real longhouse where dozens of Iban families bunk up community style.

Despite the modern amenities, a quick perusal of TripAdvisor will confirm that it is by no means for the non-adventurous. Nature is all around you (read: bugs) and - gasp - there's no wifi Internet.

Check out more details here. Is this the most remote Hilton in the world? Considering what it takes to get there after you fly all the way to Borneo, we're stuck coming up with another.

It might take you all day to get there, but the price will be right. Rates start at $67/night.

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