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Amazingly, This Hotel Across from the Super Bowl Still Has Rooms Open on Sunday

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  Site Where: 2 Meadowlands Plaza [map], East Rutherford, NJ, United States, 07073
January 27, 2014 at 12:51 PM | by | ()

So if you're set on freezing your a** off cheering your team on at the Super Bowl XLVIIIthis weekend, there are still plenty of hotel options available in NYC. Like, the most amount of hotel rooms open that we've ever seen for a Super Bowl.

But considering the game is actually in New Jersey, we thought we'd check the hotel options there.

Crazily enough, the Hilton Meadowlands, formerly the Sheraton and practically overlooking the MetLife stadium, has rooms open from January 31-February 2 or February 3 for just $499 on Expedia. Plus free shuttle transportation to the stadium!

Ummm, BOOK IT. You can split the cost with a friend or a stranger. Who cares? That's a good deal right there. Especially since most of the other options in NJ are budget brands like a Red Roof Inn for $170 a night, although we did see a Hyatt Place Secaucus/Meadowlands for $399 a night. Not too terrible. You could also hit up one of New Jersey's B&Bs, most of which are located near NJ Transit stops. Even though getting to the game will still be a hassle of epic proportions.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the scoop on NJ Hotel Super Bowl Parties. In the meantime, check the NYC Hotel Super Bowl Parties here.

Archived Comments:

Incorrect Info-Better Options are Available

According to the Hilton Meadowlands website, they are not offering free transportation to MetLife Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.  You can pick up a Fan Express Bus from there to the game for $60 PER PERSON.

A BETTER OPTION is to book at the Hilton Meadowlands/Hasbrouck Heights.  They are located 5 miles from the stadium, and 1 mile from the Essex Street Station.  You can take a train from there to Secaucus Junction, and transfer over to the train to the game.  It's a lot cheaper than $60 per person, and a lot less traffic since you won't be next to the Stadium. Rooms are still available for $299

Correct Info

The Expedia listing for the Hilton Meadowlands, which is screen grabbed above, says Free Shuttle to the Stadium.

Better Option

Still, the other local Hilton can get you to the stadium cheaper.  $299 per night plus $3 per person for a train ticket to the stadium with a quick transfer at Secaucus Junction, sounds like a better deal to me-Also, Hilton Meadowland's site does not mention any free shuttle option which would worry me about this "package."

Meadowlands or Bust

Hasbrouck heights is a lot further away, with no transportation options.  If you can get to the train.  The train is only running on a Sunday schedule only 1 train per hour.  One would have to get to Secaucus and buy ANOTHER ticket to get to the game.  Round Trip is probably 2+ hours compared to direct transportation from the hotel across the street for $9 more.  $60 and no time round-trip or $51 and a 2 hour commute each way??  Is it worth the $9 savings?
Security is making transportation and getting around limited and one could go so far as to say a hassle. Stay closer and spend your time tailgating.  

Hasbrouck Heights

Hasbrouck Heights is 5 miles from MetLife, in NJ that means "right down the road."  A train from HH to Metlife will take less than 1 hour of time, and all of the trains on Sunday depart at convenient times.  There is also no reason to buy 2 tickets, you can buy one ticket that includes the transfer.  Again, the ticket cost is less than $5 per person as opposed to $60 per person from across the street.  Hmmmm...decisions, decisions.