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No Need to Ring the Front Desk, Just Your Personal Assistant at Capella Hotels

January 29, 2014 at 5:48 PM | by | ()

Capella Hotels and Resorts could be considered one of the most luxurious hotel collections in the world.. that you've not yet heard about.

There are only five Capella Hotels in the world right now, with four more in the works. The first few locations opened in Germany, Singapore and Mexico before arriving stateside with the Capella Georgetown. While they don't have quite the name recognition as Four Seasons or Ritz-Carlton, Capella Hotels are equally stunning properties with modern and sophisticated, not stuffy, interiors. (Incidentally, Capella was founded by Horst Schulze, the former CEO of Ritz-Carlton.)

But beyond that, Capella has a service that distinguishes them from the rest of the competition--Personal Assistants.

Personal assistants are assigned to every guest, no matter what room they book. Their primary function is to help the guest out with whatever they may need before, during and after their stay.

Contact with a Capella personal assistant begins after the room reservation is made. A personal assistant contacts the guest to see if they can line up any activities or amenities for the stay. The PA will also try to learn what the trip is for and see if there's something they can arrange that the guest may not have thought of.

When the guest arrives at the hotel, they will be greeted by their assigned personal assistant who will have a welcome beverage in hand. Throughout the stay, a guest can direct all their requests through the PA, from small (send clothes to be dry-cleaned) to big (an excursion to explore the local area) to massive (help with an engagement proposal.)

Marina Masclef, the Lead Personal Assistant at Capella Pedegral summed it up for us like this, "We come to you, you don't have to go to the front desk. And we adapt to the guest's needs, always.

The Capella Personal Assistant program is all a part of the Capella Zeitgeist, which puts service above all else. Indeed, the dual star logo of Capella hotel represents the dual relationship between the hotel and the guest. And when you're paying top dollar at a luxury resort, that's of great comfort. Also, "Personal Assistant" sounds way better than "Butler", which today can conjure up the drama downstairs at Downton Abbey.

Capella Hotels will open Capella Riviera Maya in 2015, followed by hotels in Thailand and Japan. Already, a transition is underway at the Discovery at Marigot Bay to turn into the Capella Saint Lucia.

[Photo of Capella Personal Assistants: Capella Pedegral/Facebook]

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Not So Fast

Having been in Georgetown not all that long ago, nada like the description is true. Didn't happen in NYC either during  their tenure (now a Langham) either.

True, they have started this program only with a press release's distribution.

Disappointing to hear

Did you not get a personal assistant at Capella Georgetown?


No though the staff upon arrival was quite welcoming.

Thank you for your feedback HG2

Dear Guest,
Thank you very much for your feedback. I apologize for our failure to deliver the service to you.  I would appreciate being able to speak with you directly, would you be so kind as to contact me at alex.obertop(at)capellahotels.com.

Thank you very much,
Alex Obertop,
General Manager
Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown.