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5 Predictable Amenities Hotels Will Offer for Valentine's Day

January 23, 2014 at 12:28 PM | by | ()

Valentine's Day is a mere three weeks away and hotels--from luxury to boutique--are nearly tripping over themselves in attempt to win your money for the night with "romantic" themed packages. Yet no matter the hotel, the location or the star-rating, we keep seeing the same amenities in these Love Your Lover packages...over and over.

If you're about to book a hotel for Valentine's Day, here are 5 Predictable Amenites The Hotel Will Offer.

1. Chocolate. Whether it's a box of fancy chocolates or chocolate-covered strawberries, hotels will have this sweet stuff on hand. Just don't eat them in the bed. That could get...interesting. (And what will housekeeping think?)

2. Bubbly. Luxury hotels will have actual champagne from France while the rest may have bubbles from Napa. Either way, you'll be swigging some of this when you check-in. Bur remember, one glass, only!

3. Couples Massage. The couples who get rubbed down together, stay together? We're not sure about that. We can't imagine gazing adoringly into the eyes of our loved one, while he's getting a back massage from a therapist. But for some reason, hotels think couples love this sort of stuff.

4. Dinner. This is probably the most sensible and useful offering of a Valentine's Day hotel package, especially if the dinner includes stunning views of a skyline or a beach. But more often that not, we see hotel restaurants slap together a "special" prix fixe menu with a few specialty items (oysters, perhaps) but is otherwise no different from any other night.

5. Breakfast for Two. This is also useful for couples staying the night. But we say look for the packages that actually offer breakfast in bed, rather than making you trudge downstairs to the restaurant between 7 and 10am.

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