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Victory! Loews Hotels Are Now Offering Free WiFi

January 22, 2014 at 10:39 AM | by | ()

UPDATE: The free WiFi is in effect at all Loews Hotels. "Prompt, reliable Internet access has become a necessary and expected hotel amenity. We're delighted to be one of the first hotel brands in our category to offer complimentary Wi-Fi access to each and every one of our guests," said Paul Whetsell, President & CEO of Loews Hotels & Resorts." AMEN.

Ladies and gentlemen and kids of all ages, start your laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.,: Free Wi-Fi is available at Loews Hotels beginning January 22, 2014.Has hell frozen over? It feels like it with recent weather we're having and with this little bit of news that we just got--Loews Hotels is now offering FREE WIFI in all of its 18 hotels. Yes, that even includes the Orlando hotels.

There's a big announcement on the home page of LoewsHotels.com today and we hear a press release with the full info will be coming soon.

What we want to know is if the WiFi will be outright free or if you have to be a member of the YouFirst loyalty program. Not that it matters. All that matter is that WiFi is free. Our years of pleading for free WiFi are finally starting to pay off. A round of drinks on us!

[Screengrab: Loews Hotels]

Archived Comments:

Give me great WiFi, take the mini bar

One of my biggest gripes is good wi-fi. I have been in quite a few big brand chains and had poor wi-fi connectivity and speed.

What does it take for management to walk around with their IT guys and actually test the performance of their network?

And by test, I mean go to every room and common area and see how the network performs on a tablet or smart phone. A real life test.

It's great that Lowes is offering free wi-fi, I would rather hotels take out the mini bar, and even charge me a little for internet connectivity if they can assure me the connection is going to be solid and fast.

Robert Bruce
Travel Ambassador
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