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Have You Stayed, Er, Played Radisson's New iPhone Game, The Rad Hotel?

January 2, 2014 at 3:31 PM | by | Comments (0)

Ever stayed at a hotel and said to yourself, "I can run this place!" Well, thanks to Radisson Hotels who has created a new iPhone/iPad gam, we can test our ability to clean rooms on time, answer questions for the concierge and welcome new guests on a regular basis, all the while keeping current guests happy. It doesn't sound so easy now, does it?

Rad Hotel is the name and managing a hotel is the game where wannabe-hotel-managers can choose between eight different hotel types and locations, ranging from "downtown" properties to beach and ski resorts. While all of the hotels share the same look, the sightseeing tours change from hotel to hotel.

The object of Rad Hotel is to check-in guests, assigning them the most appropriate room; for example, business men score the single rooms and families can only grab a double. Makes sense. Then each of your "guests" stay in the room for an unknown amount of time while calling the front desk for housekeeping, room-service, maintenance and concierge requests.

During each stay, the guests will also want to explore the hotel. Activity options range from restaurants, executive lounges to relax, business centers to catch up on work or the fitness center for a good sweat. It's the players' responsibility to assign each request with the to the right room and keep everyone happy, wanting to return.

All this is done while a shuttle bus brings guests to line up at reception to wait for available rooms. You can add as many rooms as you want, but riding the elevator to the top of your tower will only create more headaches near the ground floor. If things get really hairy, the Yes I Can button helps out with guest satisfaction. The motto, not coincidentally, is the hotel chain's real customer service charter ensuring top-notch experience for every guest.

One very considerate feature of this game is that there are no nasty "in-app" purchases with real money. Each upgrade is with the points earned throughout the game so it's safe to hand the tablet over to the kids while in the car and get them excited about a family vacation. Oh yeah, and it's free in the iTunes store!

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