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The Qbic London is Pretty Cheap and Super Cheerful

Where: 42 Adler Street, London, E1 1EE
January 3, 2014 at 9:49 AM | by | ()

While we weren't lucky enough to score a £1 room when the Qbic London ran its recent promotion, we still felt pretty chuffed to find a London hotel for a decent price. We paid £71.10 ($117) for a the lowest-priced "No View - Scratch yer Head" (internal) room (including the 10 percent discount we received as a consolation prize for failing in our bid for the £1 room) and here's what we got.

As we learned late last year, rooms are "Cubi" style integrating bath and bedroom, which we found to be more spacious than we had anticipated (we've paid double for New York City hotel rooms that are way smaller).

We loved the bright splashes of yellow throughout our Cubi, as well as touches like framed London-y snapshots on the wall and the cutest "Do not Disturb" sign. In-room furnishings, such as a twisted hose lamp, are by young designer Sander Bokkinga. Witty little missives scattered throughout manage to stay on just the right side of cloying. The giant image covering the whole back wall above the bed looked fun at first but turned to overkill as we settled into bed and realised we were suppposed to be able to sleep under the gaze of these three girls.

Speaking of sleeping, the Naturalmat bed was comfy -- and covered in a thick toasty duvet -- and the room was almost as "soundless" as promised (still quite a bit of corridor noise). Bedside outlets for both UK and Continental European plugs made working in bed easy -- just as well as there is literally no where else to sit.

The best part, though, and the reason we'll likely be back, is that you can really save your money here. Rates are cheap (for London), WiFi is free and mostly smooth. A light breakfast of apples, juice, and protein bars is included, as is an evening bowl of soup, and the cheap and delightful eats of Brick Lane are just a minute's walk away. An espresso machine is located on each floor and in the lobby and free to use all day. There's a Tesco Metro across the road and a vending machine in the lobby selling everything from bottles of wine to tampons, canned gin and tonics; locally made Dalston Cola sodas and sandwiches -- and at normal prices.

[Photos: Karen Gardiner for HotelChatter]

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