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Where to Stay When You Hunt Down the Northern Lights in Norway

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  Site Where: Lofoton, Norway
January 21, 2014 at 10:09 AM | by | ()

Our brother site, Jaunted, did a running series last week about its pursuit of the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle of Norway, and now it's our turn to recommend a base camp for your expedition.

We know an "expedition" to the "arctic" to "track down the Northern Lights" doesn't sound like it would be a comfortable venture, but allow us to introduce you to the Svinřya Rorbuer, a rorbu cabin property located in the harbor of Lofoton, a fishing town.

What's a rorbu cabin? It's a tradition Norwegian hut, built out over the water, typically on docks or poles, as accommodations for fishermen (those interested can learn more here). Svinoya Rorbuer offers one to three-bedroom cabins with a kitchen, living and dining area, and multiple baths.

As you can see from the photos, they offer both ocean and mountain views and are located between the fish landing station and the fish-drying racks, the latter of which is shown in the cover photo and a huge part of Norwegian culture (check out Jaunted's fascination with them here).

We liked Svinoya not only as a comfy and charming accommodation in the winter climate, but also for its proximity to the area's outdoor activities. From Lofoton harbor, you can hop on any number of excursions, including boat rides through local fjords, fishing, animal-watching tours (sea eagles and whales), hiking, cross country skiing, and treks out at night to see the Northern Lights, of course.

One disclaimer: Remember, it smells like money, not fish! Seriously, this reality is an aspect that might be an initial shock to visitors -- the fact that a fishing village smells like fish -- but we appreciate the fact that they aren't putting on a phoney show for tourists. It's about as authentic as it comes.

Still not convinced to brave the cold? Svinoya is also a great hub during the summer, especially in June when the midnight sun provides 24-hours of daylight.

[Photo: Facebook/Will McGough]

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