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More Details on the Curious Case of Philly's Four Seasons Location Change

January 23, 2014 at 10:13 AM | by | ()

Last year’s hottest hotel scene gets off to good start in 2014 will the announcement that one of its luxury hotels, the Four Seasons, will be upgrading its location within the city.

For those who have recently stayed at the FS Philly or who read our coverage about its killer view of Logan Circle, the word “upgrade” might come as a surprise. Currently, you can see all the way down the Ben Franklin Parkway to the Art Museum from many west-facing rooms.

But sources within Philly tell us that the property has “grown stale” after over 30 years, and needs a boost to continue to compete with the city’s booming Center City hotel market, including its luxurious competitors, the Rittenhouse Hotel and the Ritz Carlton, as well as the up and coming midmarket properties in and around Rittenhouse Square and City Hall (like the Kimpton Palomar, for example).

To us, it is less of an issue of the old property being "stale" and more of a tribute to how much hype is surrounding the development of the Comcast Center. Our guess is that Comcast courted a first-class hotel to even further solidify it as one of the city's premier buildings. As we mentioned, it is going to be the tallest building in Philadelphia, and the tallest in the United States outside New York and Chicago. You can read more about it here.

So now for the next logical question: What's going to become of the Four Seasons current location after the move? Our sources tell us that another hotel will most likely move in, and rumors have it that it will become a Marriott. We'll continue to monitor the whispers we hear and pass on more information when it becomes available.

For the time being, it's "business as usual" at the Four Seasons, as the move won't take place until 2017. Which means you still have a chance to check out that epic view.

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Archived Comments:

It is stale

I have stayed there a few times for work recently and it is like staying at your very tidy great-aunt's house.  The in-room safes are not even big enough for an iPad, let alone a laptop.  The decor is dowdy to say the least.  The service is also subpar for a 4S property.  The ones in Chicago and Denver kick its ass.

re: It is stale

Fair enough! :)

30 years??

That's a long time. Glad to hear they are moving on up!