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'Your Note is Rude': Another Hotel Manager Gets Snippy on TripAdvisor

January 15, 2014 at 5:35 PM | by | ()

Yesterday, we had a good chuckle over the hotel manager who left jerky responses to guests on TripAdvisor. He ended up being sacked but it turns out he's not the only one, ahem, "keeping it real" on TripAdvisor. A fan on our Facebook page alerted us to a TripAdvisor response from the "Directeur Général" of Hotel Claude Bernard Saint-Germain in Paris:

What a terrible hotel. We stayed with our 10 year old daughter and had booked a triple room. On the hotel website, the pictures of the rooms were very nice, with one double bed and a real single bed. Pictures showed a new renovated room, which was also described in the text. Pictures are attached of the opposite. When we checked in we got the tiniest room, with 2 twin beds and a foldable extra bed was squashed between the beds. VERY disappointed. We immediately consulted the receptionist who couldn't assist. The next morning we tried again, with reference to management. But no management was present. Breakfast was very continental, but that was what we paid for. One thing is for sure, we'll never stay here again!

And here is what the Directeur Général wrote back:

Madam, I find your note and your comment very severe and your judgement partial.

Keep reading below to see more of his responses!

Madam, I find your note and your comment very severe and your judgement partial. I explane what is happened : You have made an error by proceeding to the reservation. You reserved a room standart instead of the superior Triple room Triple (the one that you saw in photo on the Web site of the hotel). However, even if the room Triple standart is less big, indeed, but you don't to say that the bathroom is very vast, that the room is fully equiped, in particular with a free coffee machine and a tea Nespresso during the stay. It is rather rare in Paris in a hotel 3 stars. I regret you did not appreciate that. And your note is rude.

Lol, "Your note is rude." Is that the French equivalent of "You're just a virgin who can't drive?"

In all seriousness, we can empathasize with hotel staff. They come in contact with all sorts of characters in their job but most of the time, they have to bite their tongue and be polite, "We're very sorry, sir. We've done all we can," blah blah blah. But if someone is slamming their hotel, they are bound to step up and defend their property.

On the other hand, publicly telling a guest her note is rude is probably not the best way to answer complaints. And did we mention this is on a public website?

Aww don't feel too bad for the hotel. The hotel itself has fairly good TripAdvisor rating for Paris and most of the other reviews are very positive with people loving the clean rooms, the great location in the Latin Quarter and the in-room Nespresso machine. Overall, those good reviews are going to outweigh the infrequent bad ones.

Still, where there are negative reviews, there is the Directeur Général. Here's another choice response to this guest's review which complained about the "Rooms still rotten, bed clothes dirty, rude staff, broken tv, broken air conditioning, broken window frame so could hear ALL traffic, broken glass under bed."

Sir, your message is for the sole purpose of ruining the reputation of the hotel. You did not have to leave early. it is not true. in fact, you did not have admitted that we should to charge you a fee for the complete deterioration of the mirror bathroom of your room, it was quite normal to charge a penalty, right? Then of course you retaliate by completely false accusations : air conditioning works perfectly, the TV is brand new! windowed windows are unbreakable, linen room is always very clean and supplied by the company Elis (who provided all the great Parisian hotels). In short you do not know what to invent to accuse us unjustly. It's almost laughable your list of complaints because you can believe it. If this were true, we would have hundreds of complaints on tripadvisor. Or the opposite, we have a majority of positive reviews. It is the real fact indisputable.

And this might be our favorite response yet. A guest complained about the location of her room on the 6th floor, mould on the bathroom walls, hair in the sink and hearing " birds/bats/rats through the ceiling vent." Directeur Général writes:

Dear Madame I am sorry you did not enjoy your stay with us, as a big majority of people, but I understand. It is not easy to satisfied 100% of clients. You were on top floor, so a nice view, balcony, and quiet rooms. I regret to have installed you there, as many clients prefers to be on top floor. Now I would like to clarify for everyone about "birds/bat/rat" because I am not sure if you are kidding or you are really serious, as it is incredible and almost funny to read that. There are no bats in Paris ! We are no in a tropical or sub-tropical zone.There are no rats on 6th floor ! and on the roofs of Paris. I am afraid your confusion with "ratatouille" (Disney movie) !! In the metro or sewer, yes for sure you will find rats, as everywhere in the world. Concerning birds, we don't have birds nest on roof (we have just finishing inspection for air conditionning, there is nothing there). In fact, explanation is very simple : plug the sink was not set and there was a call for air that was the noise

Oh no he didn't mention Ratatouille! #bringiton

Seen more snippy hotel manager responses on TripAdvisor? Send 'em to us!

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Archived Comments:

Trip Advisor is now a gong show

They allow such comments without any ramifications or consequences the manager or hotel employee representing the company.

I've read countless (legitimate) reviews where the manager never once apologized (even if he didn't mean it). Instead rationalized the hotel's position.

Even Travelocity shapes their reviews. They allow only a sprinkle of negativity. Other wise, they don't approve your review.