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What Hotels Have The Best In-Room High-End Audio Systems?

January 13, 2014 at 2:11 PM | by | ()

Time for another HotelChatter Question! Do you have a question about hotels, too? We bet you do. Send it to us and you just might see it here on HotelChatter!

Today's HC question comes from Doug S. who's looking for some seriously cool in-room technology. He writes:

Just wondering if there is a luxury hotel with high end audio for the audiophile with wanderlust? If so, could you send me what must be a short list?

Indeed, it is a short list. While most new hotels have the capability for guests to plug their smartphone, computer or tablet into the TV for a better audio experience, not all hotels have high-end audio systems. But here are a few hotels that make sound a priority.

· The Orchid Suite at the Halekulani has a Steinway & Sons Model M Architectural Speaker System which is trimmed in gold. The only thing is the suite costs about $7,000 a night.

· Every guest room at the Eccleston Square Hotel in London promises an "immersive surround sound experience."

· Inside the Explorers Suite at the Basecamp Hotel in Lake Tahoe, you can not only get surround sound but also an HD projector and an XBox 360.

· Rooms at The Jumeriah Frankfurt also boast Bose Surround Sound as well as some other cool tech and free WiFi.

· Hotel BPM in Brooklyn was founded by a DJ and the walls of the hotel are lined with Bose speakers which play music non-stop. Don't worry, there's a volume control knob in each room that will allow you to turn off the music in your room.

· UPDATE: The Penthouse at the Hilton Bentley South Beach just got an all-new surround system.

And that concludes our shortlist for now. Perhaps you readers know of more hotels with high-end audio systems? If so, tell us in comments below!

[Photo: Halekulani]

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