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Soon-to-Open Hotel Godfrey Launches a Contest You Can Actually Win

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January 14, 2014 at 10:17 AM | by | ()

We made our New Years' resolution to stop peddling the self-indulgent promotional packages hotels have been trying to disguise as "deals," and that goes for all aspects of marketing in the industry. There are so many "contests" out there that we don't really know what to do with, ones that revolve around liking a page on Facebook -- which we get -- but the problem is that there is nothing more, nothing left up to the person participating. We're at the end of our editorial rope as it pertains to those empty "contests" with "randomly selected" winners. The end!

That said, when we see something creative that someone can win by putting forth a good effort, by earning it as opposed to random luck, we are happy to pass it along. You still have to go on Facebook to enter the Godfrey Hotel in Chicago's contest -- we don't have a problem with that so long as it is only part of the process -- but you control your own destiny in this one (by the way, are we making ourselves clear here?).

The hotel doesn't open until February, but they have rolled out an "element branding concept." Basically, there is a periodic table at the conceirge's desk, and each square refers to something within the hotel or city. Io 4, for example, represents the hotel's I|O Urban Roofscape that's located on the 4th floor. Other examples are Wd (wedding), Bd (bed), Am (amenities), etc.

So what's the contest? Scientists discovered a new element last year, which is currently referred to as Element 115. Boring! The Godfrey is looking to come up with something more snappy to fill the new space they added to the table, and will reward the person that comes up with the best name. You might want to do some research first to see what they already have, but this one might be worth a shot, especially if you live in or travel frequently to the Chicago area. The winner for the most creative element name will receive a discounted rate of $139 throughout all of 2014, a one night complimentary stay and a $25 gift card to I|O Urban Roofscape.

Opening rates will start at a reasonable $159/night, but we definitely expect that to increase as the year progresses and the weather warms up. So go ahead, get your geek on and enter here.

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