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A Peek at Paramount Hotels: Thumbs Up or Down?

January 13, 2014 at 12:19 PM | by | ()

It's been a while since we checked in on the development of the movie studio hotel brand, Paramount Hotels but thanks to a tipster, we've now got an exclusive look at the brand's, er, branding designs, courtesy of & Smith, a London-based graphic design company. *

It's all very similar to what's already on the Paramount Hotels website (indeed, there are even screen grabs of the website) but with larger photos and with some other detailed shots of corporate stationary, "vision brochures", business cards and gift bags.

Overall, it looks pretty predictable for a hotel brand birthed from the loins of a movie studio. Everything is black and gold with glamour shots galore, and the Paramount logo plastered front and center on everything. Yes, it's the same logo that you often see at the start of a Paramount movie. It reminds of a Planet Hollywood hotel, if a PH had five-star amenities.

We also learned a bit more about the concept of Paramount Hotels. In their own words:

The Paramount mountain surrounded by 22 stars: a name and icon that are synonymous with entertainment and, above all, creativity. Now, Paramount Hotels & Resorts has been originated to translate the same bold imagination and inspiring talent into a refreshing guest experience. The properties produced by Paramount will be developed using a creative process that’s been honed over more than 100 years. Each will be conceived as a major release and will be crafted by a team of uniquely creative people, working together with a uniquely creative process. Warm service, design and energising concepts will combine magically to mark a new chapter and to set a rare standard in luxury hospitality.

Alas, Paramount won't be premiering near Hollywood anytime soon. The first Paramount resort will actually open in Boao on Hainan Island in China. There's no opening date yet but Paramount is also hoping to open in Dubai within the Damac Towers in 2016. This hotel will also have Paramount Residences attached. Another Paramount Hotel is set to open again in Dubai in the Jumeirah Waterfront with 525 rooms and a fourth is planned for Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

Despite the ambitious expansion plans, Paramount promises, "Nothing will be left to chance." But coming from a movie studio who can spend a ton of money hyping up a bomb of a movie, we'll reserve our judgements until a Paramount Hotel actually opens.

[Photos: Paramount Hotels]

* This design firm also did some branding for the Dorchester Collection

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