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Things Are Getting Nasty Behind The Front Desk at The Mondrian SoHo

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There's tons of hotel news flying around today and we don't have time to give each and every story the love and attention it may deserve, so here is a quick rundown to get you up to speed on the latest.

· Mondrian Soho Is Really No Mo' But Morgans Won't Go Down Without a Fight: In June, we heard whispers that the Mondrian Soho was in danger of losing its Mondrian name. And now, it's official. A Delaware court ordered parent company, Morgans Hotel Group, out of the hotel. However, Morgans isn't going without a fight. NY Daily New's Confidential column got a hand on some of the court filings between Morgans and property owner, Suchin Downtown Realty, and it's ugly.

Morgans has alleged that the hotel owners cut costs, including the elimination of an extra generator which really could have come in handy when Sandy happened and by skimping on the size of the penthouse suite. Meanwhile, Suchin says that Morgans mismanaged the property, causing it to place last in REVPAR results compared to its competition.

Right now, Morgans is appealing the decision and apparently, it's business as usual at the hotel. Rates start this weekend at $409 a night.

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· Loews Boston Names a Cocktail After a Recovering Alcoholic: Loews Hotels took their recent batch of themed hotel cocktails a little too far. The Loews Boston decided to name a few cocktails after the city's mayoral hopefuls, not realizing that one of the candidates was a recovering alcoholic. The hotel was also going to use the sales of the cocktails as an indicator of the election results. After a Boston Herald reporter questioned the promotion, the hotel cancelled it saying, "Loews Boston Hotel acknowledges the insensitivity of this recent promotion and have canceled it effective immediately."

· Chip Conley, former hotelier, now working for Airbnb: The man who started the boutique hotel chain, Joie De Vivre, is now working for Airbnb.com as their new Head of Global Hospitality. He'll be creating a Hospitality Lab in Dublin as well as a training program for the Airbnb host community. Fascinating. You can read an interview with him where he talks about his new gig over on our parent site, Conde Nast Traveler.

· Here's a New Way to Make Money in Your Hotel--Open It Up to Smokers and Tokers: When Marriott introduced their smoking ban years ago, so many smokers were pissed off and vowed never to stay in a Marriott Hotel. Who knows how much revenue Marriott really lost from this casual boycott but one hotel owner in Detroit has decided to go after the smoking market--and that includes pot smokers too. Right now, 20 rooms of the Howard Johnson in town have been renovated to accomodate smokers. The hotel hopes to have 60-80 of the 155 rooms "renovated" this way. And you're probably asking what the renovations include and here they are--"sliding doors and installing a patio with a tall fence around it to provide privacy." Light 'em up!

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