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Here's How The Goring Hotel Keeps Their Very, Very Important Guests Happy

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London's poshest hotels sure are particular about keeping their guests happy, but we shouldn't be too surprised. This is their, and any other hotel's, #1 rule of business. But now we're getting even more insight as to exactly how these luxe hotels are doing it.

On the heels of the 10 commandments, comes a new set of tips aimed at keeping VIP guests happy. And when we say "VIP", we don't mean someone looking to splash out for a night but rather, heads of state, celebrities and yes, even royals.

David Morgan-Hewitt, the managing director of The Goring Hotel, has given HotelChatter his own personal rules for ensuring that his very, very, very important guests are happy during their stay. We especially love #5 and #6. But don't worry, if you don't fall into the VIG category, just read rule #10.

The Goring's 10 Tips for Keeping VIP Guests Happy

· 1. Make them feel at home. Just because the guest is grand does not mean they are going to want to be in a place that sees itself as grand.

· 2. Know who they are. Do your homework, find out about their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, their family, their work. Anything that you know about them will all help.

· 3. Personalise their stay. Do not just throw standard amenities and service elements at them. Tailor your efforts to things that they will appreciate.

· 4. Talk to them. No matter who you are whether you a Monarch, a President or a film star, you are still a human being.

· 5. Do not allow bad behaviour. Being a VIP or a Royal does not allow you to be rude, insensitive or aggressive. It is very important to start off on the right foot. Sometimes a conversation needs to be had with guests who do not quite get this. We once had a guest here who was feared and loathed by another deluxe hotel because of the way she behaved. From her first stay, she was putty in our hands because she knew the rules and she felt she belonged.

· 6. Get your greeting sorted. I will be by the roadside for Royals, Presidents and their representatives (do not forget to treat an Ambassador as a representative of a foreign Head of State). I am on the top step for Prime Ministers and Secretaries of State, I am just inside the door for Ministers of State or Chiefs of the Defence Services. For celebrities and other VIP’s I am in the front hall. It is the status of the guest that always dictates how close you are to their car when you arrive. They notice things like this.

· 7. Use the correct title! It is amazing how even on the BBC Her Majesty The Queen is sometimes referred to as Her Royal Highness The Queen.

· 8. Do not let their staff come between you and your client. Usually ridiculous demands are made by those around the VIP and not the VIP themselves.

· 9. Be on hand to say goodbye. It is just as important to wave your VIP clients off as it is to greet them.

· 10. Treat ALL your clients as VIPs and Royalty! We do at The Goring.

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