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Technological Transition: What Hotel 'Phones' of the Future Might Look Like

September 24, 2013 at 10:27 AM | by | ()

Last week, we wondered about the future of hotel phones, noting that the technology of old is all but obsolete in today’s world. While the whole changeover process will certainly take time to implement, we wanted to give you a look at one of the possible future alternatives. And it’s no surprise that the services of a hotel phone will most likely end up being in your purse or pocket in the form of an app.

Neon, for example, is a type of concierge software that gives guests the ability to submit requests and have conversations with the front desk. The app allows the front desk to aggregate and keep track of all the requests that have been logged by guests, and it can respond and message the individual guest. The guest can also view the status of the request, including whether or not it was received (opened) by the front desk.

Check out the short demo video above to get an idea how Neon or a similar software works. While there’s a sense of nostalgia that comes along with losing the old-school desktop phone, we really like the looks of the next phase, especially since you could theoretically use the app while you were out and about during the day.

Want to surprise your hunny bunny with a bottle of champagne on ice in the room upon return? Forget to take the privacy sign off the door for housekeeping? These things would be no problem as you could quickly submit requests via the app from anywhere in the city. Neon is currently dabbling in about 25 hotels in the U.S., but it still remains to be seen how long it will take for a technological transition to take place. Remember you can always chime in to help out the process on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments below.

[Video: Neon; Photo: HotelChatter]

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