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This Giant Pink Thing is Actually a Hotel Front Desk

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  Site Where: Stralauer Allee 3, Berlin, Germany, 10245
September 23, 2013 at 5:39 PM | by | ()

Berlin is known for their funky, eccentric, quirky and sometimes, just plain weird hotels but right now, we're crushing hard on this massive pink check-in desk at the Hotel nhow.

We found this snapshot in the HotelChatter Flickr Pool, taken by Ken E. Lee, one of our regular photo droppers. He mentioned that the desk is a work of DJ/designer Karim Rashid who has been populating design hotels around the world with his installations.

Indeed, the nhow, a "music and lifestyle" hotel, was touched by Rashid throughout from the lobby spaces to the guest rooms. Which is fitting considering that Rashid has a musical background as well. Here's some more on the concept of this nhow hotel (there's another one in Milan):

At nhow Berlin, the common theme replayed all over the hotel is music. Business travelling cosmopolitans, international jetsetters, night owls and the hottest bands – the one thing uniting them all is a love of music.

It's a passion that we share wholeheartedly and try to orchestrate into our hotel as harmoniously as possible. That's why we have, for example, our own nhow music manager on staff. It's also why we offer guitar and keyboard room service and make it possible to have music events and live sessions in a silent rehearsal room.

We should also mention our high-end recording studio with its panoramic view of Berlin – in cooperation with the legendary Berlin Hansa recording studio. Let’s rock it.

And If you look in this photo, you can see a band set-up across from it. Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.

[Photo: Ken E. Lee/HotelChatter Flickr Pool]

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At least you can actually use it. We made an installation once in middle school, and it absolutely served no purpose. At least you can place computers on this lol