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How to Make A Bed, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Style

September 19, 2013 at 12:49 PM | by | Comment (1)

All this week, we'll be talking about Hotel Beds--where to buy 'em, how to make 'em, how to trust 'em (just wait and see what we mean) and what to do when the bed isn't enough to send you to Sleepyland. Got a hotel bed question or comment? Send it to us!

Little did we know when we started this series that there was such a thing called, "National Make Your Bed Day". Now, we're all for kitschy holidays, but in honor of our weeklong dedication to all things sleep related, we were especially happy to hear there's an actual Bed Making Expert at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantationin Greensboro, Georgia.

Haajar La Roche began working at the hotel in 2002 in the housekeeping department, focusing on public areas and turndown, and is now the head of the housekeeping department. She has supplied three key instructions on how to make your bed, hotel-style.

We wanted to see this in action, so we went to the Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park in New York City and had 9-year employee Diomeda Rosario, one of the hotel's best room attendants, demonstrate La Roche's instructionsso you can try it at home.

Haajar La Roche, Bed Making Expert at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia.

Tip #1
Make sure all the linens are crisp and tucked in tightly. The Ritz-Carlton uses a very specific tuck at the base (also known as "hospital corners").

Tip #2
Proper positioning of a duvet can be the tricky with all those feathers. To eliminate lumpiness, shake and fluff the duvet before placing it inside the cover.

Tip #3
Droopy bunny ears will never do when it comes to pillows. Once the pillow is placed into its case, smooth it over and pull the ends of the pillow into the corners of the case. Now when the pillow is propped up, it will stand up straight.

Looks pretty easy, doesn't it? Diomeda Rosario, says it takes her seven minutes to make a bed, and she makes 12 beds a day (not including the other room duties). She reassured us that practice makes perfect, saying "At the beginning, when I started at the hotel, I cried when trying to make the hospital corners!" Plus, she gives us some advice of her own.

1. Opt for flat sheets over fitted. Fitted sheets loose their elasticity quickly. Plus, flat sheets are a better deal and you can mix and match them without having to buy a complete set.

2. When you first start learn to fill your duvet, mark your bottom bed post with a bit of nail polish so you'll know where to place the longer ends.

[Photos: Ritz-Carlton, Reynolds Lodge/Chanize for HotelChatter; Video: Chanize for HotelChatter]

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