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11 Hotels That REALLY Want You to Get a Good Night's Sleep

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All this week, we'll be talking about Hotel Beds--where to buy 'em, how to make 'em, how to trust 'em (just wait and see what we mean) and what to do when the bed isn't enough to send you to Sleepyland. Got a hotel bed question or comment? Send it to us!

Cheap foam earplugs and a thin eye mask lifted from an airline just aren't cutting it any more. Heck, sometimes the plush hotel beds we sink into after checking-in can't always assure a perfect beauty sleep. So it's a really good thing these hotels below have anticipated the arrival of such troubled sleepers like us.

Here are 11 Hotels That REALLY Want You To Get a Good Night's Sleep.

1. The Bryant Park Hotel, New York
The Bryant Park offers a sleep mask in the mini bar and complimentary ear plugs, as well as a sound machine next to the bed that's turned on to nature sounds (or silence, if you prefer) at turndown.

2. 70 Park Avenue, New York
70 Park Avenue offers a practical, and dream-inducing, twist on turn down service by providing melatonin chocolates.

3. Hotel Monaco Chicago
If you're lucky enough to stay in the Tranquility Suite at The Hotel Monaco, you'll get a plush robe, sound machines, and pajamas. Best of all, you'll get to relax in your own cozy sleeping cove, which features an exclusively-designed Simmons mattress, wrapped in super-soft bamboo sheets.

4. Hotel Gabriel, Paris
At the Hotel Gabriel, some rooms feature the NightCove sleep companion, which offers sleep and wake-up programs, or nap programs, featuring of ambient music and lighting. (P.S. It's also available at the The Plaza Athenee.

5. Crowne Plaza St. James, London
The Crowne Plaza offers a specially developed "Sleep Advantage" program with ‘This Works’ aromatherapy products (including pillow spray), and advice from Dr. Chris Idzikowski, "the sleep doctor", (on a card, not in person).

6. Waldorf Astoria Chicago
The Waldorf offers a “Nighty Night for Children” in-room spa service for kids, which includes a bath tray stacked with a bath toy and lavender bath ice cream, soap, and lotion. The lavender is promised to have a calming effect on the children.

7. Swissotel Berlin
The Swissotel's sleep package is a scientific concept developed by somnologist Dr. Michael Feld. The program features a combination of light therapy, power-napping, mountain-air breathing, aroma therapy, special nutritional supplements and better sleep through a sound pillow. A polysomnography (detailed sleep analysis) is available upon request.

8. The Benjamin, New York
For more about The Benjamin's sleep program, check out our interview with the "Sleep Concierge", pictured above.

9. Fairmont Vancouver Airport
In The Fairmont Vancouver Airport's Quiet Zone, there are 19 guest rooms on a soundproof floor. During “Quiet Zone” hours, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., normal day-to-day hotel operations cease, meaning you can sleep without noisy hotel staff disturbing you. Just in case, ear plugs and eye masks are provided.

10. MGM Grand Las Vegas
Las Vegas isn't necessarily a city that you equate with a good night's sleep but at the MGM Grand, their Stay Well Rooms will help you get a full night of ZZZs with these wellness amenities handpicked by the folks at Delos Living. These include Vitamin C-infused showers, air purifiers, dawn simulator alarm clocks, black-out shades, wellness lighting in the bathrooms that blast out melatonin, and complimentary online access to the Cleveland Clinic for 60 days after your stay where you can learn more tips on healthy living, eating and sleeping.

· 11. JW Marriott Hotels: This past summer, JW Marriott introduced a new Nightly Refresh Program, a souped-up turndown service that rotates complimentary amenities such as The Dream Bar, developed by nutritionist and author Keri Glassman, made with ingredients that help stimulate recovery during sleep like natural organic oats, blueberries, chia seeds, crunchy almonds and coconut. The service also includes Revive Oil from Aromatherapy Associate, an invigorating blend of pink grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berry; a wine sample from Treasury Wine Estates and special JW Marriott Collection chocolates from Astor Chocolates. Sorry, no melatonin is found in these chocolates so don't eat right before you go to bed. Or else, sugar rush!

Know of a hotel that has an interesting or helpful sleep-aid? Share the hotel in comments below!

[Photos: HotelChatter, Bryant Park Hotel; Hotel Gabriel/Facebook, The Benjamin and VegasChatter]

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sleep concierge

To sleep: perchance to hit the next day's conferences tough. Nowhere is this truer than on the highway, where the frequent business traveler, weary from shuttling in and out of joining flights, rental car desks and taxis, needs to be broken like a wild colt. Such is their inability to rein it in for sleeping and waking. And there are now resorts that offer a sleep assistant to go along with the traditional wake-up call. Be sure to ask for your work-down call during your next stay, when mornings need to be focused on things other than what's on tap in Margaritaville. Pay your concierge with a payday loan. Article resource: https://personalmoneynetwork.com

Good Night's Sleep!

I have stayed at four of the listed hotels and they are known for their beds and bedding. I had some of the best nights of sleep in Chicago at the Monaco, so much so, that I went in search of the supplier for their pillows and mattresses.It may sound weird, but you can buy the exact same ones. Read this other post on this site, it's a good one! <a href="http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2013/9/15/17176/5067/hotels/Hotel_Bed_Week%3A_Where_to_Buy_Your_Own_Hotel_Bed">http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2013/9/15/17176/5067/hotels/Hotel_Bed_Week%3A_Where_to_Buy_Your_Ow n_Hotel_Bed</a>

Beds or Ambiance?

I have always wondered if it was the beds or the ambiance that makes it so easy to sleep in some hotels. I have decided that it has to be the beds, after all the room is dark and you can't see or feel the ambiance of the room when your asleep. I agree with the above poster, that other article even has some links to where you can buy actual hotel beds!

The Bryant Park Rocks!

I visit New York a lot on business and I often stay at the Bryant Park Hotel, I can attest to how relaxing the beds are and how well I can sleep. My busy days in New York are hectic and I need all the sleep I can get. I just read another one of your posts about being able to buy the same bedding that hotels use, you guys are the best!


It amazes me the lengths that hotels will go to making sure that guests get a good night sleep. I have stayed in hotels for many years and it seems that lately they have gotten much better at customer service and overall comfort.

In Vegas?

Whose sleeping in the beds in Vegas anyway? Hotel beds have certainly come a long way since the days of hard mattresses and deflated pillows. Now, you can even buy the same beds that hotels use! <a href="http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2013/9/15/17176/5067/hotels/Hotel_Bed_Week%3A_Where_to_Buy_Your_Own_Hotel_Bed#9">http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2013/9/15/17176/5067/hotels/Hotel_Bed_Week%3A_Where_to_Buy_Your_Ow n_Hotel_Bed#9</a>

So Much Luxury

Vitamin C infused showers,melatonin chocolates and somnologists? Can I just live in hotels from now on? The level of luxury these hotels are bringing to the table is inspiring, more businesses should follow along. Imagine restaurants  or shopping malls with nap stations after you eat or shop.


Whatever happened to sleeping pills! Although i find it amazing hotels are willing to go to such lengths to make their guest comfortable and cozy. Bravo!


These look amazing I mean who wouldn't have a great night sleep with all that luxury around you?! I'll have to check and see what deals there are for such amazing rooms. I like to use the site http://www.simplevacationbooking.com they have some amazing deals!