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10 Ballsy Things Donald Trump Has Said About His Hotels

September 12, 2013 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

After we dished on what Donald Trump had to say about his upcoming Trump International Hotel in Washington DC, we started thinking about all the other things The Donald has said about his hotels (which btw, are largely run by his daughter, Ivanka and his sons Donald Jr. and Eric.) And as you can imagine, there are a lot of choice quotes. Surprisingly, they aren't all about being "the biggest" or "the bestest.

So here are 10 Ballsy Things Donald Trump Has Said About His Hotels (and randomly, Christina Aguilera):

1. The Donald to his eight-months pregnant daughter Ivanka on Tuesday about working on the new Trump Washington DC hotel:

"You better do a good job or you're fired!"

2. At the same event, The Donald said the new hotel would be:

"one of the finest hotels anywhere in the world."

3. The Donald in a press release last week about The BLT Prime restaurant coming to the Trump Miami and the overall renovation of the resort:

"It’s going to be better than ever.”

4. The Donald in a a sit-down interview with our own Nina K. Hahn in March 2012, on expansion plans for Trump hotels:

“We will continue to grow at the same speed, if not faster.”

5. The Donald in that same interview about offering complimentary WiFi in his hotels:

"As WiFi becomes more and more available and you can get it anywhere, we’ll include it in the room rate for all our hotels.”

(Note: some Trump hotels do still charge for this.)

6. The Donald, at the 2008 launch party for Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai (which actually never happened due to the economic crash but which may happen someday in the future.)

"We are building this in the ocean. It doesn't have ocean views. It's in the ocean. We don't play games."

7. The Donald, at the same party, about Christina Aguilera who performed for the event:

"I've been with her many times. Not in a sexual way. I wish. Oh, I wish.

8. The Donald in an Q&A interview with the NYT's The Moment blog back in 2008:

Q: What is your favorite hotel?
A: Any hotel in the Trump Collection
Q: What hotel has the cutest staff?

A: My hotels. 

9. The Donald on his namesake restaurant, DJT, at The Trump Las Vegas:

"Naturally, I would only choose the best of the best for my signature restaurant. Chef Joe [Isidori] is a star."

10. The Donald just before his exit from Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009:

"[M]y investment in it [Trump Entertainment Resorts] is worthless to me now."

Put your favorite ballsy Donald Trump quotes in comments below!

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