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Distrito Cantina at Revel, An Expensive Hotel Food Truck Experience

August 9, 2013 at 10:20 AM | by | ()

When you put a food truck into the middle of a hotel-casino, you probably should expect higher prices than the average food truck that dishes out tacos and hot dogs. But at the Distrito Cantina and its funky Distrito Taco Truck at Revel in Atlantic City, we paid way more than we would at our local Mexican restaurant here in LA.

The Distrito Taco Truck is located on the second floor of Revel (or rather, the third floor, since the second floor is the gaming area.) We dined at Chef Jose Garces' Distrito restaurant at The Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale last year and loved it. So when we saw the taco truck--an actual truck that's been placed inside the casino hotel--we had to sit down at one of the festively decorated picnic benches and try it.

We're happy to report that the East Coast counterpart is just as good. Ok, maybe the guacamole needed some work (more salt, more flavor) but the chicken and carnitas tacos were delicious and pretty-looking. And thanks to a super friendly server, we tried a Coronita for the first time ever which is exactly what it sounds like, a margarita with a baby Corona stuffed into it.

The only thing that killed our buzz was the bill. The salsa, which we thought came complimentary as it is as most taco joints, was $10. The guacamole was $12. Our coronitas were $14 a piece and the tacos, three of each kind, were $11. All in all with taxes, our bill was $77. And there was no hope of us even winning some money downstairs to pay for it all. The casino was one giant cooler. Looks like we have something in common with Revel after all.

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