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Thompson Hotel Founders Part Ways with Commune; Some Thompson Hotels To Rebrand

August 5, 2013 at 2:05 PM | by | ()

The other week, we were searching hard for information about the reopening of the Thompson Ocean Drive hotel in Miami Beach yet we were met with absolute silence when it came to the matter of the hotel's name change--would it go ahead with the Thompson name or stick with the original moniker, Hotel Victor?

Well, today's HUGE news from Commune Hotels has answered that question. No, it will not be a Thompson hotel in name, mainly because Thompson Hotels' founders--Jason Pomeranc and his brothers, have sold out the rest of the company, including the Thompson name, to Commune. Get comfortable, because this is going to take a while to explain.

Way back in 2011, Joie de Vive Hotels linked up with Thompson Hotels and the two formed Commune Hotels and Resorts. Joie de Vivre was fresh off its own acquisition from Geolo Capital, founded by Hyatt heir, John Pritzker (he has nothing to do with Hyatt Hotels today btw.) The two companies, Geolo Capital and Thompson BP, were equal partners in the formation of Commune Hotels although Thompson Hotels would be its own brand, as would Joie de Vivre, as would the spin-off brand of Thompson Hotels, Tommie Hotels.

Fast forward to today and all brands are expanding to new locations as everyone hoped they would. Commune even managed to snag Niki Leondakis away from Kimpton Hotels. And now, Commune has bought out the Pomeranc brothers. Here's the parting statement Jason Pomeranc gave today:

"After nearly 15 years, my brothers Lawrence, Michael and I are incredibly proud to see how Thompson Hotels has evolved into an enormously impactful global hospitality brand," said Jason Pomeranc. "We now look forward to exciting new endeavors and wish John Pritzker and the entire Commune family well."

So the pressing question is, who gets what in the deal? Here's how it all shakes out:

Belongs to Commune
· Gild Hall
· Smyth Tribeca
· Hollywood Roosevelt
· Thompson Belgragves
· Thompson Toronto
· Thompson Chicago (opening this fall)
· Thompson Cabo San Lucas (opening next year or later)
· The Thompson Name
· Tommie Hotels

Belongs to Pomeranc Brothers
· 60 Thompson (this name will stay for now, even though it has Thompson in it but because that's the street address as well.)
· Thompson LES*
· 6 Columbus
· Hotel Victor
· Thompson Beverly Hills
* All the other hotel names will change within a year and Commune will manage the hotels for the next six months.

This is pretty big news as Thompson Hotels and Jason Pomeranc are nearly one and the same. Remember the days of 2006 when you couldn't talk about a Thompson Hotel without mentioning Jason? And now that the brand has been fully assumed by Commune, who knows what will happen to all those Thompson traditions. We don't even want to know what happened to the Thompson Manifesto!

But we're actually rather excited by the news. Because that means the hotels formerly known as Thompson will create a new brand--with a new name, a new logo, new website, new everything. And no doubt, Jason will be hands on again.

Meanwhile, Commune will continue to expand its three brands--Joie de Vivre, Thompson and Tommie--to new markets like Seattle, Los Angeles, Canada and even Asia. All in all, this might be a really good thing for everyone involved, especially us because we'll have more new hotels to stalk.

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