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BREAKING NEWS: Jennifer Aniston Can Never Go Back to the Sunset Tower Hotel

August 29, 2013 at 4:31 PM | by | Comments (0)

"Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn't end," so said Brian Flanagan in the greatest movie of all time. And for Jennifer Aniston, if this recent gossip report is to be believed, her love affair with the Sunset Tower Hotel has come to a horrific conclusion.

The Daily Mail reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie not only spent a night at Jen's fave Hollywood hotel, but they slept in the same room as hers! Well, the same room that she always stays in. Not like, the same room at the same time.

The star couple slipped unnoticed into the glamorous Sunset Tower hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday night and checked into suite 1502 - the same room where Brad's ex-wife Jennifer likes to stay.

Even more scandalous is that Angelina specifically requested this room because she knew that Jen stays in it all the time.

On August 27, Angelina made a reservation for suite 1502, shelling out $2500 for the penthouse room with a large patio that wraps around much of the building. Later in the afternoon, the couple arrived and were escorted to the service entrance and whisked up to the penthouse - not leaving their room until 11am on Wednesday morning. They even shared an intimate dinner from room service on the penthouse balcony, with Los Angeles sprawled out below them.

Given Angelina's hotel past for, ahem, bringing her own amenities, we have a pretty good idea for what they were up to during their stay.

Sigh. Don't worry Jen. We're sure another hotel in Beverly Hills is eager to be "friends" with you.

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