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Salish Lodge Brings Back Moonlight Massages, Unveils Yoga 'Tent' Atop Waterfall

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  Site Where: 6501 Railroad Avenue SE [map], Snoqualmie, Washington, United States, 98065
August 22, 2013 at 4:33 PM | by | ()

When it comes to picturesque properties, The Salish Lodge & Spa in Washington certainly needs no introduction or explanation.

Back in 2009, we gushed over a really pleasant experience, enjoying the ridiculous, romance-enducing setting as well as one of the Lodge's infamous moonlight massages. The Salish did away with the moonlight massages for a while, but they're back, along with the opening of a new "yoga tent" called the "Hidden Terrace."

This new temperature controlled canvas and glass enclosed tent sits atop the 268-foot waterfall and allows for killer views even on the coldest days of winter (or a damp, wet Northwest day). You can check out a few photos in the gallery below.

The 500-square-foot Hidden Terrace will serve mostly as a yoga studio, but it will also cater to small events (we're guessing it will be a pretty popular location for weddings). The price for yoga is $25 per person for lodge guests and $35 per person for day visitors, which includes unlimited access to the spa pool, sauna and steam room.

We're pretty excited about the return of the moonlight massages (50 Minute, $350 for two), which will also be given in the new Terrace. Nightime and outdoor opportunities are rare enough on their own, let alone a treatment that combines the two. It's the mountain version of a beach massage given at night, and that sounds pretty unique to us. Having spent many an afternoon in spas that cut you off from the outside world, it is refreshing to see one that incorporates the surrounding scenery and sticks it right in front of your face.

Rain, sleet or shine, that's one hell of a view.

Rates start at $199 per night.

Photos: [Salish Lodge]

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