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The QT Sydney Has a New Elevator Gimmick (Just Don't Ride it Alone)

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  Site Where: 49 Market Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000
August 20, 2013 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Picture the scene: you're in the elevator going up to your hotel room, Elvis is singing Are You Lonesome Tonight when the door opens and another guest slips in. Eyes straight ahead, you've just settled into ignore the stranger mode when the elevator music switches to Just the Two of Us.

Awkward? Yes. Coincidence? Not if you are staying at the QT Sydney where the elevators are no mere vehicles to transport you between the rooms and the lobby, but 'interactive installations'. Those songs were not played by chance but selected from the hotel's own set-list and triggered by the number of bodies occupying the space.

Here's how it works: upon entering one of the QT's five elevators, a piece of custom built software kicks-in, sensing how many people are occupying the space. The software then selects a song that corresponds to the number of passengers, time of day, and presumed 'mood'. A solo passenger, for example, gets Eric Carmenís All by Myself. Two people get James Taylor's Youíve Got a Friend. The more people fill the space, the livelier the music gets until four people start grooving to MC Hammerís U Canít Touch This and more than five on a nighttime ride are rocking out to party anthems.

We could see this being fun in the evening after a few drinks, but first thing in the morning when we need our morning coffee? We think we'd rather stare at our feet in silence.

Rates start at 420 AUD a night.

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