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Would You Go for Any of These Weird Spa Treatments?

Where: Various Locations
August 15, 2013 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

Sometimes, hotel spas can get carried away with their descriptions of what they offer, romanticizing the service to death and making it seem like it belongs in land far, far away. Public relations and sales marketing in general is ridiculous, beckoning us to be “whisked away” and all that good stuff.

And that’s fine, because no one really pays much attention to it anyway. While a good sales pitch can certainly draw interest to a service, what we get for our money is what ultimately matters.

But just as we’ve seen examples of this fairy-tale marketing, we’ve also come across some properties that are going with the opposite strategy, offering massages and other treatments that make your eyes widen, your brows raise and for you to suddenly shout out, "You want me to pay for what?!"Below, we've collected a few of the stranger treatments currently being offered around the globe. We wonder: Do these turn you off, or does their extreme/wacky nature only make them more appealing? Geez, between the fire cupping and the snakes, the shrimp and grits facial is sounding better and better.

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Snake Massage, Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm and Spa, Israel: This treatment is not connected to a hotel, but we couldn't pass up including it on this list. It features six slithering, non-venomous snakes massaging your muscles and joints -- aka crawling all over you! The spa's owner believes that physical contact with the snakes can be "a relaxing experience." HA!

The St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Tibet: If you've never heard of fire cupping, allow us to explain: It's a treatment where an alcohol-soaked cotton ball is lit on fire and placed in a small cup, which creates a vacuum seal between the jar and your skin. The cups are placed on the patient's body along the "meridians" and at specific points thought to help the immune system. Any interest you might have in this procedure could be washed away after you watch the above video and see the results.

Shrimp and Grits Facial, Wild Dunes Resort, Charleston: This seems pretty tame compared to the rest of them, but let's be honest: it definitely doesn't sound that pleasant, more likely to bring up dirty thoughts or ruin your appetite than anything else. The most bizarre thing is that it's only offered for girls 9 and under, which leaves us scratching our head about its existence on the menu. But who knows -- kids are into some strange stuff these days!

Snow Paradise Spa Treatment, K West Hotel, London: This "paradise" is kept at 5 degrees and exposes you to extreme temperatures, switching you back and forth from steamy saunas to the freezing "snow drifts." The fluctuation in temperature is believed to stimulate body circulation and improve the immune system. Some snow-themed treatments, such as the one at Caesars in Las Vegas, even have fake snow that falls from the ceiling.

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