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Here's How to Solve That Pesky Room Service Tray in the Hallway Dilemma

July 9, 2013 at 2:45 PM | by | ()

We've griped before about how we can't stand seeing the room service table left in the hallway all day or night. The last thing we want to see as we head back to our room is what you ate for dinner last night or for breakfast this morning. Sorry, but it's true!

That's why we always say take the extra step and call up room service or housekeeping and let them know the tray is outside. (In a really good hotel, room service will call you an hour or so after the meal was delivered and ask if they can take the tray.) However, thanks to this new-fangled technology from Axxess Industries you will never have to call for the tray to be removed.

Axxess' solution is to embed a transmitter somewhere in the room tray or the table--for instance, in the sugar packet dispenser--that automatically sends a signal to housekeeping or room service that the tray has been placed outside the room. The signal can be sent through the electronic Do Not Disturb signs outside the room or through plug-in devices. Fittingly, the technology is called Tray Tracker.

We got a demo of this technology at the Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas last May and according to CEO Joerg Wagner, the technology is already being used by several Vegas hotels which have thousands and thousands of hotel rooms, and potentially, thousands of room service trays. Of course, the Tray Tracker doesn't send a robot to pick up the tray. We still need to rely on humans for that. But it does save us the hassle of making the "Can you pick up my tray?" phone call.

[Photo: Axxess Industries]

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I like!

Good idea. I've avoided putting my tray outside, especially in the Caribbean, because of the bug factor. But leaving it in the room for housekeeping isn't the move either, because if they don't' come for hours, your leftovers will permeate the air. No bueno.