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What Exactly Do You Need To Remain Fit During Your Hotel Stay?

July 8, 2013 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

It seems like every few weeks, there is a new fitness offering from a hotel chain trying to lure the healthiest of travelers to their properties. Some hotel brands have put together new and flashy fitness offerings while others are just doing the bare minimum (i.e. two cardio machines, a set of dumbbells and some free weights.) Yet even after we created our very own workouts to get a good in-room-sweat on, we've been asked the question: What do gym-junkie travelers want from a hotel while on the road? Well, here's what we think:

First, we applaud Trump Hotels, Kimpton Hotels and Hotel Indigo for amping up their wellness programs but we think they should go even further.

Firstly, have a look at the fitness facility. After motivating ourselves to push through the jet-lag and hit the gym, all we want is a room that inspires us to maintain an elevated heart rate. What can really send us back up to the room are horrible ventilation, wall-to-wall carpeting, awful views and poor lighting. Carpeting is just gross because fitness facilities get hot and people sweat and carpeting makes the room seem hotter. Even more so, if the AC isn't working properly. Having pleasant views and great lighting, however, will help us extend our workout time.

Second, invest in some equipment that is commercial grade. We know not everybody hits the gym while traveling, but we can't stand to see broken equipment or pieces that squeak and aren't durable. One other thing that commercial grade equipment does is makes things easy. This HotelChatter contributor has been a personal trainer for more years than he wants to admit, so dealing with operational consistency is the first "win" in the battle of fitness-frustration. Think about outfitting your gym with LifeFitness, TechnoGym or Cybex since these are the most common around the world.

If upgrading the hotel fitness facility isn't an option, then why not make room that can accommodate a yoga mat or some furniture that can double as equipment for in-room push-ups? Often times we might be happy enough to get 10 minutes of meditation or deep yoga stretches, so this extra space can be masked for non-fitness guests, but transformed for any fitness fanatic.

Finally, in the effort to make the entire property healthy, we love to see some healthy options for room-service. We tip our hats to Sheraton and Hyatt for overhauling the in-room offering. We think more hotels can take a page from their book. Wouldn't it make sense to order healthy grub before we leave the gym, while we are on the endorphin high? Pop a menu or an iPad in the gym so ordering is easy and wait times are limited.

What say you? What would you like to see in your favorite hotel's gym? How have you transformed your room into a make-shift gym to get a little pump before heading out on the town? Pop your thoughts in the comments section below and maybe some hotel execs will read it and use your idea.

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Archived Comments:

Just a pleasant fitness center

I remember going to a hotel in NYC once and the fitness center was in the basement and it was smaller than a guest room there. Ridiculous. I can't imagine anyone actually getting a good workout there. I know good views aren't easy to come by but that helps. The best fitness center I remember seeing was at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. It's near the top of the hotel and it has stunning views and super high-tech equipment. Plus the staffers all wear slick Adidas track suits. Loved it!

Some good suggestions on our Facebook page

From our Facebook page:

· "A nice gym with a view! Nobody wants to work out in a windowless room featuring one treadmill and one of those "all in one" machines from the 90s"

· "a towel warmer, a better selection for food items....older folks on a separate floor from drunks" (lol!)

· " It's just important, it all has a fresh and looked after appearance. Nothing is worse, than a hotel gym, that is just there, because the mangement heard, they need one these days

· "Gear lending like Westin does! Love SPG...they get it!"