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Are You Down With Hotels Unpacking Your Suitcase?

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July 29, 2013 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

Like packing before a trip, dismantling your suitcase upon arrival at the hotel is a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, it's exciting. On the other, it's a pain in the ass and delays the start of your vacation. Which is exactly why it's becoming less common. When we dished about how the hotel rooms of the future might change, the usefulness of a closet was one of the first things called into question.

But what would you say if we told you someone could take care of it for you? That someone unpacking and re-packing your bags was a perk of the hotel? This isn't a mainstream concept (yet?), but we do find it offered at upscale hotels from time to time. We must admit: it seems foreign to us. Do luxury travelers really let someone else unpack and pack their bags?

"Not many. But when they do, they love it," St Regis Deer Valley Butler Alexander Mattinson told Park City Magazine. "It's like working on a big jigsaw puzzle... We use a lot of tissue paper. If in doubt, add more paper. Always place heavy items on the bottom of the bag -- the bottom when it is standing up, mind you. Don't let colors rub together and individually wrap each button in tissue so they won't catch on anything. Toiletries go in at the end, so they are readily available."

Individually wrapped buttons? Wow. If for no other reason, perhaps we give this a go to see all our shirts with their buttons wrapped.

But for real, we wonder whether this could be a perk that trickles down as hotels seek new ways to please their customers. Would you be down if this service became more commonplace? Would you let the hotel staff tuck in your undies, or would you prefer to do the packing yourself? We're unsure about unpacking upon arrival, but packing at the end of the trip? Consider us intrigued.

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Had no idea what to do with the butler at Royal Plantation in Jamaica, so they offered to unpack me. My unmentionables were clean, so I said "go for it." And they made me a cocktail, too (yay, all-inclusives!). But when they wanted to pack me to go home, I told them I'd do the private things myself. But yes, the tissue paper rocks!

Kris via Facebook

Nope! I know the Sandy Lane in Barbados has that service but I would prefer to do it myself.

Kristel via Facebook

Ew, creepy.. no thanks

Kathy via Facebook

Never. Not even when I need a change of room. Do it myself

What's the hold up?

What's holding you guys back?

Kris via Facebook

The thought of someone else handling personal items, packing the way I want it packed and that there is a remote possibility that someone could put something in my luggage that shouldn't be there. Don't forget when you travel customs actually asks you if you packed your own suitcase..

Lisa via Facebook

Nope. Never.

Terri via Facebook

Never! Same as Kathy. If I have to change my room. I will do it

forgot about customs

but I actually can't remember the last person who asked if I packed my own bag. See? This is why we can't have nice things like butler service. :-/


I have two hands. I packed them myself, and I can unpack them myself, not that it's not a nice gesture, however.

Leigh via Facebook

No, I would pass on this princess-like offer. The thought is wonderful but I prefer to organize myself!

Probably not

I have too much random stuff, nothing scandalous. I think they would be so overwhelmed by the disorganization!

Ed via Facebook

Another nice post. This sort of butler service is huge at luxury and wannabe luxury resorts these days. Get your hands off my underwear.

Unpack, yes...

... pack, no.

Even if you're not verbally asked in person if you packed your bags yourself, there's usually a clause in the airline's terms and conditions that says that (by checking in online, say) you assert that you did.

Unpacking has been standard practice on cruises for decades. Hotels that seek the same clientele are being savvy by adopting the practice.