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Does Your Loyalty Program Let You DJ a Nightclub? Hyatt's Gold Passport Will, Thanks to M life

August 8, 2013 at 5:16 PM | by | ()

Last month we were stoked to hear that Hyatt Hotels would be teaming up with MGM Resorts for a loyalty program partnership that would allow MGM's M life members to earn points at Hyatt Hotels (including Park Hyatt and Andaz Hotels) and for Hyatt's Gold Passport members to earn points at MGM properties, not just in Vegas but also the MGM Grand Detroit and starting in 2014, the Beau Rivage and Gold Strike Tunica in Mississippi.

But you can do so much more than earn points and tier credits. As a Hyatt Gold Passport member, you can use your Hyatt status to get access to some of these kickass M life Moments like selecting the Bellagio fountain songs, scuba diving in The Mirage aquarium, DJ-ing the Coast Nightclub at Beau Rivage or getting a private show from the male dancers of Thunder from Down Under. (Guess which one we'd pick?)

However, as with all loyalty programs and promotions, there's a lot of fine print to wade through. M life has set up a pretty comprehensive FAQ section (under Preferred Partners) but here are some of the major things to know:

1. Be a Member of Both Programs to Earn Tier Credits or Points. To earn Hyatt Gold Passport points at MGM properties and vice versa, you have to be a member of both Gold Passport and M life. At check-in at an MGM Resort, you need to tell the front desk that you would like to earn Hyatt points, in addition to M life tier credits. You also have to add both your M life and Hyatt Gold Passport numbers to your reservation. At check-in at a Hyatt Hotel, you must specify which program you would like to earn towards. In order to earn M life Tier Credits, again you must also be a member of both programs, add both numbers to your reservation, and advise the Front Desk you wish to earn Tier Credits.

2. Know the The Earning Structure. Guests will earn 5 Hyatt Gold Passport points for every eligible dollar spent at MGM Resorts. Guests will earn 8 M Life Tier credits for every eligible dollar at Hyatt Hotels. As with most other loyalty programs, rooms booked through third-party websites or using rewards points, do not count as eligible dollars. It will take up to 30 days to see the points and credit reflected in your account, although @HackMyTrip did see the credit for an MGM stay reflected within 14 days. (Note: @HackMyTrip said this is longer than most Hyatt hotels.)

3. Status Matters. Starting this month, M life members can now opt-in for a matched Hyatt Gold Passport tier and vice versa. So if you are an M life Sapphire or Pearl Member, you will be given basic Hyatt Gold Passport membership. If you are M life Gold, Platinum or NOIR Member, then you will be given Platinum status with Hyatt Gold Passport. That level gets you among other things, free internet at Hyatt Hotels. However, you will have to opt-in for the Hyatt Gold Passport membership, it is not automatic.

4. Some M life Moments are Only Available to Certain M life tiers. For instance, that Thunder from Down Under show is only available to M life's top tier, NOIR, which is now Invite-Only, and you still have to pay $25,000 on top of that. Although, you can use some of your Express Comps earned through M life to pay for it. (Essentially, the comps are like "money back" for your spending at MGM properties. Expressed comps are not earned or redeemed at Hyatts.) Remember, Hyatt Gold Passport members gain access to M life Moments through membership in the M life program. Once part of the program, all guidelines remain the same based on Tier Status.

5. Get Familiar with M life's Tier Credits. If you're serious about taking your Hyatt Gold Passport membership to earn M life credits, get familiar with the tier levels and the credits required for each one. You can do that here or head over VegasChatter for the easy breakdown.

Have you stayed at MGM to earn M life credits and Hyatt Gold Passport points? Or vice versa? Tell us how it's going in comments below!

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