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Marriott Mobile Check-In to Expand to All Properties By Summer's End

July 16, 2013 at 9:17 AM | by | Comment (1)

Marriott currently offers mobile check-in at approximately 30 of its properties, but it was announced recently that the service wlll expand to all of its 325 Marriott-brand hotels by the end of the summer. Nice!

Marriott Rewards members will be able to "check-in" at 4 p.m on the day before their arrival, and they will automatically receive a notification when their room is ready the next day. Guests can also store their credit card information online so they can bypass the counter and grab their key card at the "expedited mobile check-in desk," which we're assuming will either be an automated, self-service type check-in counter -- a concept we discussed a few months ago to mixed feedback -- or a side desk in the front lobby only for those using mobile check-in.

The best thing we see coming from this is that we can drop our bags and head out and not have to guesstimate when to return to the hotel, especially when arriving well before the scheduled check-in time and getting the infamous "it will be ready around three or four" spiel. We don't like being in limbo while on the road, and this definitely keeps us in the loop and allows more control over our day. In that regard, it's great to hear it will soon be available at all properties.

The only drawback is that it's just another step towards a completely automated check-in, something we feel is a slippery slope in terms of lost interactions/guest services. We'd like to see mobile convenience continue to develop but at a reasonable pace and without replacing all the employees with machines.

Has mobile check-in saved you some time and headaches? Feel free to drop us any thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

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It's all about the Service!

As someone whose careers in the hotel field, I would not be a fan of 100% automated check-in.  The only thing that makes staying in a hotel special is the service and we need to keep the face to face interactions.  Industries like banking and airlines have no service anymore and I don't think it would be good for hotels to go that way.

That said, as a guest checking in -- if the hotel is unable or unwilling to provide that service at the necessary level, I would like to have an option of using an automated system.  

There is an DC airport hotel where I have been a frequent guest over the years on the weekend where the occupancy is low and the rate is cheap.  When the associates at the front desk became unable/unwilling to assign me a room in keeping with my requests on my profile, I began using the ATM like self check-in in the lobby and have always been able to get the roomtype and location I want.

When checking into a 1000+ room hotel on a busy afternoon where the front desk was staffed by only 2 associates and I spent over an hour standing in line for "personal service." It would have been a gift from heaven to be able to check myself into the hotel and relax after a long, hot day.

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