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Turning Back the Phone With Old-School Rotary Phones

June 27, 2013 at 3:02 PM | by | ()

The other week during our stay at The Jade Hotel in the West Village, we were tickled to find a working rotary phone on the nightstand. Just when we thought hotels were doing away with the in-room phone, this boutique hotel had to bring it back in an old-school way!

And the Jade isn't the only one. The newly opened High Line Hotel, also in Manhattan, has put rotary phones in their guest rooms as well.

While we do love the novelty there is just one drawback, in an age of emails, text messages and IM, a rotary phone simply takes too long. We only called the front desk and room service during our stay but we just pulled back the 0 number each time. We can't imagine having to do more than that. Also, the hotel really can't advertise great service "at the touch of a button." Perhaps they should stock a regular phone at the desk as well?

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How will you press or dial 0 with this

The phone looks really nice on the table. Just can't remember when I saw such device last time in a hotel. But how will will press or dial 0 or any other number when being asked to press one? Regards, - www.mghworld.net