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Say, Who's Been Ripping The Sheets In Our Hotel Bed?

June 18, 2013 at 4:04 PM | by | Comments (5)

Over the weekend, a friend sent us this snapshot from a Sheraton Hotel near San Diego, saying " Apparently, this sheet is in Sheraton's "still usable" category." Sheet! That ain't good. And it kinda takes the excitement out of sleeping on that Sheraton Sweet Sleeper bed, right?

Sadly, we've seen tears like this rather frequently on hotel sheets. We *think* it's due to the giant machines that press the sheets after they are laundered. Inevitably a corner gets stuck in the machine and is accidentally ripped. It definitely doesn't look like a guest made such a clean tear, unless they we're just goofing off with a pocket-knife while in bed. And that's possible, given this list of shameful hotel habits.

But is there another explanation? Does anyone know what else might be causing such a sheety disaster? And should a hotel discard an otherwise perfectly good sheet? Tell us in comments below!

Comments (5)

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When I worked in hotels I would see them get caught in the wheels of carts that would take the laundry to an outside vendor to be cleansed. They would just get tossed back in and not checked and then would end up on your bed.  Tacky.

Limited Laundry Experience

I've only worked in one hotel with on-site laundry.  The massive sheet ironer we used wouldn't create that type of damage.  But, I'm sure there are many types of machines that might cause tears.

As for the fate of damaged linens, I vote for the trash.  I'm all for recycling...but, is there really a market for people purchasing used hotel sheets?  The only places that come to mind would be non-profits running nursing homes, hospitals, homeless shelters, or similar.

Automatic Sheet Feeders

This damage to linen is very typical if the hotel's laundry is using a flatwork ironer with an automatic sheet spreader that isn't configured properly.  

My hotel never saw damage like this to our sheets until we started using a laundry service with this technology while we were upgrading our on-site laundry plant.  We went to the plant and watched sheet after sheet get torn on the edges.  We were THRILLED when we were able to re-open our on-site plant.  The problem went away instantaneously!

The video in the link below shows how the machine works when it is properly configured:


Sheet tears

We've had a couple of tears like this and definitely wouldn't use them. The biggest challenge is getting the external laundry service to ever accept responsibility - they obviously subscribe to the pocket knives in bed theory!

Linen strength

Does the property have on premise laundry? Could be the ironer but could be a combination of issues which include the ironer. Many of the hotels in the country use harsh high alkali laundry chemicals that gradually tear down the strength of the fabric. Ask the Cotton Growers of America. None the less the how it happened is not as big of an issue as the why it was put on that bed. It's horrendous that the processes in the laundry and housekeeping department did not catch this.

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