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Here's One Thing Celebs Do in Hotel Rooms But Won't Admit

June 13, 2013 at 11:14 AM | by | ()

Here at HC it's our job to wander into hotels and take photos of various points of interest so we can bring that information back to you, dear readers.

However, lately there's been more than a few times when we've been asked, especially in hotel lobbies and restaurants, to put our cameras away. We were befuddled. What was the big deal?

Today's news from the New York Post put it all in perspective. Seems some of those folks in said hotels? Well, they may not be traveling alone and they may not be with their recognized partner. We're talking "no tell, motel," protocol, here, even if it's a swanky hotel. After all, these peeps, they're not going to the Holiday Inn. Oops! Our bad. We were just looking at the drapes, man.

That seems to be the case when today's newspaper blew the lid on Kanye West and his alleged affair with a Canadian model at Atlantic City's Revel hotel. The story has gone so crazy viral--it's mind boggling. Kanye denied the accusations to TMZ, accusing the gal of being a fame seeker. Still, the pics of the two together don't help his cause. And Kim hasn't said a word yet.

Of course, that made us wonder, what hotels have been the scene for secret celebrity tête–à–têtes?

The Hotel: Revel Atlantic City NJ
The Tryster: Kanye West
Today it was revealed that while pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian has been lumbering in L.A. and Miami, baby-daddy Kanye turned into sleazy Yeezy and hooked up with a fan who was he admired at the hopping hotel's Ovation Hall (where Kim was in the VIP section!). After refusing his initial advances, she later became smitten while at the HQ nightclub another night and before you know it the two "ended up naked and having sex". A few times. Ye, who's been rocking a scowl at nearly every photographed minute throughout Kim's pregnancy, must be downright livid his spot has been blown to bits. But then again, his new album is about to drop and the Kardashian reality-tv show season starts soon--so this publicity could be part of Yeezus' (his new moniker) grand plan!

The Hotel: Park Hyatt Paris - Vendome
The Tryster:Tony Parker
Right now he's the golden child of the San Antonio Spurs (though a hamstring injury might change that), especially while the team trounces the Miami Heat. However, in 2010, the fine Frenchman's libido crossed left on his "Desperate Housewives" star of three years, Eva Longoria. Tony got messy off-court and with technology (delete incriminating texts, folks!) and Eva discovered an affair with a then team-mates wife. Technical foul! Longoria shut the game down once and for all by filing for divorce.

The Hotel: Malibu Beach Inn, Malibu, CA
The Tryster: LeAnn Rimes
Dean Sheremet, now ex-husband of Rimes could have made one of the biggest country-song cliche's there ever was. The title: "My Lady Done Left Me, For Another". This after Rimes engaged in a torrid affair with her also married Lifetime-movie co-star Eddie Cibrian. Apparently, the two would meet for romantic dinners in Malibu, then spend a few hours at the intimate and luxurious 47-room, oceanfront Malibu Beach Inn. With a place that small, you'd think Rimes would be concerned with being spotted? Guess not. But, the affair ended with the two lovers divorcing their mates and marrying in 2011. However, don't underestimate a woman scorned. Cibrian's ex, who makes regular appearances on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", continues to talk about Rimes and tosses tons of tea about the singer's personal life. Cibrian has been faithful, in this case, though, standing by his (new) woman against every attack.

The Hotel: Various Four Seasons Hotels
The Tryster: Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez
One of the more raunchier tales involves long-time beloved Yankee ballplayer, A-Rod. While married to wife Cynthia Scurtis, he employed the services of madam Kristin Davis (of Eliot Spitzer fame). Davis supposedly supplied prostitutes and sent them to hotels in New York, Philadelphia and Toronto. A-Rod admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs from 2001-2003 because of "an enormous amount of pressure to perform". But we think he may have gotten wires crossed and needed strength to keep up with the many ladies of the night he kept in his company. Word on the streets is A-Rod's career, like his marriage, is coming to an end.

[Photos: HotelChatter and Wikimedia Commons/Danny Moloshok/Reuters/Gotham Magazine]

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