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Why The $58 Buffet At Singapore's Parkroyal Is Totally Worth It

June 12, 2013 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

OK, we confess: we did not opt for the $58 per person buffet while having dinner recently at the Parkroyal On Pickering's restaurant, Lime, for the simple reason that, well, $58 is a lot of money.

So we figured we'd just stick with the regular a la carte menu and give our wallets a break. Big mistake.

Not that our $24 hand-tossed roasted duck pizza with spring onions wasn't the bomb dot com (because it was), but just out of curiosity, we also took a brief wander around the dining room to see what life on the other side was like, and we can safely say, the buffet is where it's at.

First off, the restaurant is massive, so it takes a good 5-7 minutes just to inspect all the different food stations. The first counter had us salivating over luscious platters of fresh prawns, mussels, oysters and sushi, artfully laid out on mountains of shaved ice. A dedicated sushi chef was on hand to make sure the display never runs out, and he graciously let us snap the above photo even though we weren't buffet customers.

Before sulking back to our table, we also caught a glimpse of the other stations—fresh pasta, glistening roasted chicken, several French cheeses and artisan bread loaves, salad—and felt the pangs of regret over and over again.

It wasn't just about how delicious everything looked, we were also impressed by the gorgeous presentation, and how friendly the servers seemed whenever we passed by, all of them wearing those tall white chef hats and ready to pile on the grub.

Oh, and let's not forget dessert: fresh fruit, chocolate fondue (with marshmallow-strawberry shish kebabs!), pecan pie, Linzer tortes, oh…the list goes on. The sugary feast spanned an entire table at one end of the dining room, next to a separate espresso bar with a gleaming Arduino espresso machine.

So, to recap: yes, you can go to Lime and order off of the a la carte menu and have a perfectly delicious meal. Or you can spring for the $58 per person (plus tax and service charge, so it really comes out to like SGD $65) buffet, and hop on the train to tasty town. If we could do it all over again and opt for the latter, we absolutely would.

(It's also worth noting you can choose just one of the buffet stations (the salad bar, or the dessert bar, for example), and only pay $29 pp.)

For a tour around the lobby and 5th floor pool deck at Parkroyal on Pickering, check back next week!

[Photo: HotelChatter]

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