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Harry Styles Severely Hugged By Overzealous Fan at Oslo Hotel

Where: Oslo, Norway
May 8, 2013 at 10:07 AM | by | ()

Harry Styles of boy-band One Direction was the subject of an aggressive hugging barrage by a few fans while he was exiting Oslo's $2,175-a night room at the Holmenkollen Park Hotel. Taylor Swift's-ex was taking the intimate attack in stride and even reached out to hug the woman back, but the Norwegian security team shut it down when another girl came out of nowhere to get her some love, too. They quickly ushered him on to his tour bus and sent him on his way.

Apparently One Direction has so many problems with over-eager fans (and ex-girlfriends) they're said to be hiring President Obama's security team for the US portion of their Take Me Home World tour which begins in June.

Man, the life of a boy band member is super hard, huh?

[Photo: Daily Mirror/Video/YouTube]

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