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8 Hotels for Geeks of All Ages

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You know how much we love cool hotel technology here on HotelChatter but today we're spotlighting some hotels that go far beyond offering giant flat-screen TVs, bedside control panels, TVs in the bathroom mirrors and even gold iPads. While we've yet to find a hotel that allows guests to borrow a pair of Google Glasses during their stay, these hotels are truly forward-thinking in their amenities and their experiences,except for the one that offers a cassette tape player in the room. But we had to include that one. We had to!

Whatever sci-fi fantasy tickles your pickle—perhaps plugged into the grid like in "The Matrix," abducted and organ-farmed by aliens—the 9hours Hotel in Kyoto, Japan is about as close to it in real life as you can get. The property is a simple, nearly windowless building in an alley near Kyoto's Kawaramachi Station and, like other Japanese capsule hotels, it specializes in giving the weary worker or traveler one solid night of bare-bones rest in a sparkling clean, sex-segregated environment.

Unlike other Japanese capsule hotels, however, it's prime focus is on good living through good design. Alarms are soundless; ambient lighting gradually awakens the sleeper without disturbing other capsules. Pajamas and basic toiletries are provided, and the WiFi is free (but kept out of sleeping quarters). We paid 4,900 JPY ($48) just a few days ago and would do it again, sci-fi fantasies or no.

Speaking of capsule hotels, Japan has actually expanded upon the concept to create a small chain of sleeping pod rooms called The First Cabin. Modeled after the semi-private quarters of airplane first-class suites, each guest is assigned one room identical to the rest. Inside is a large Sony flatscreen TV (only watchable by using the provided noise-cancelling headphones so as not to disturb others), pajamas, basic toiletries, a lockable storage drawer and several power outlets and free WiFi.

Since it's a chain, we chose the Osaka location as the geekiest owing to its libraries of manga novels and its location near Dotonbori, a mecca for foodies. Even better is they're growing; First Cabin currently has branches in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo's Haneda Airport, but this June they'll debut in central Tokyo's Akihabara district, a name synonymous with "otaku" or geek culture. Rates start at 3,300 JPY ($32) in Osaka and only 2,800 ($27) in Kyoto.

We've always dug the hip theWit Hotel in Chicago because it has a killer rooftop (called ROOF) but now we heart them a little bit more since they installed a permanent 20' x 12' 3D mapping installation called "theWall" which creates all kinds of crazysexycool video experiences and optical illusions. Here are the tech specs: The installation is powered by a state of the custom projection, using the Panasonic PT-DZ21K, a 20,000 lumen 3-chip DLP projector that gives a 1920x1200 WUXGA picture against a permanent 3D surface of cubes and screens. The lamp cycle is 2,000 hours which should be plenty of time to last through those long hot summer nights in Chi-town.

Legoland Hotel California: This hotel is perfect for the Beta Geek in your house. Guests can choose from three different Lego themes--Castle, Pirate or Adventure. Each room comes with eight different works of Lego art. Downstairs there's giant Lego pit to jump around in, a pirate ship to play on and one the most family-friendly restaurants we've ever seen. There's even a buffet counter that's kid-height. Luckily, there's a bar downstairs so parents can escape all the Lego-ness for a while. Another geeky perk? Booking a hotel room here gives you access to the park for one hour before it opens to the rest of the public. Rates this summer are inching up to $300 a night. Oh and don't worry, there's no age limit. All ages accepted!

If John McAfee, the notorious maker of the McAfee antivirus software, ever returns to Belize, he may want to consider this spot for their low-key transaction method. The Pedros Hotel in Belize has begun accepting the peer-to-peer digital currency that is Bitcoin. You can use Bitcoin to pay for your hotel room and any drinks and food in the hotel bar and pizzeria. The price of a deluxe room is merely 1 Bitcoin. For food and drinks, you need to pre-purchase a bar credit at the front desk. Want to pay in real money? That will be about $55 a night in low season, $65 in peak season.


As you can guess, Nicolaus Copernicus stayed as a guest at this hotel in Krakow, Poland over five hundred years ago when it was a residence of cathedral canons (but we're sure it had a different name then.) And not much as changed within the building itself. The hotel has 29 guest rooms set within original 17th century brick walls and accented with medieval stone crosses, original fresco paintings, wooden beams and centuries-old inscriptions. But the place doesn't entirely harken back to Copernicus' time. The guestrooms all have a modern amenities such as "well-stocked" mini bars, satellite TVs, and high-speed Internet access. Rates start around $255 a night.


Obsessed with theme rooms, particularly the 1970s vision of outer space? Are you also looking for a good hotel that has a cassette tape player in the rooms? Look no further than the Miami Princes Hotel near the airport which has several theme rooms to choose from such as Cave, Disco (perfect for Tony Montana fans), Jungle and Egyptian. Even better all themes rooms come with a jacuzzi, a "big screen TV", radio,cassette tape player or CD player and an ice maker. No, they aren't on Facebook or Twitter. Their website is pretty much from the early days of the internet. For room reservations, call 305-441-1862 from your landline of course.

While we anxiously wait for the Star Trek theme resort to open, we'll have to go where many other Star Trek fans have gone before--The Rio Las Vegas which hosts the annual Star Trek convention every August. This year is the 12th year for the Trekkie show, which takes place in the Rio Suites Convention Cente and aside from panels discussing the newest Star Trek: Into the Darkness movie and meet and greets with various Star Trek actors, the convention will also host Star Trek Karaoke nights, a costume parade and the attempt to set the World Record of the most people in Star Trek costumes in one place. Rates start at around $69 during the festivities.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher for HotelChatter; Pedros Hotel, theWIT; The Copernicus Hotel; HotelChatter; VegasChatter>]

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