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Guess The Hotels In The Singapore Skyline

May 14, 2013 at 5:41 PM | by | ()

We have a bit of a different version of Guess the Hotel for you today: rather than giving you a few clues about one specific property, we’re putting your hotel knowledge to the test based on the above skyline shot of Singapore for a game of Name The Hotel. How many of them can you spot?

From left to right, we have two hotels that share a common background, and will soon be connected by an underground tunnel. We then have one that will be easy to miss, two that also have a bit of a connection (bonus points for knowing the rebranding that happened here and how it relates to yet another hotel nearby that can’t been in this photo), and finally a cluster of hotels, some of which you could see by their name proudly shown on the exterior if you were closer. All in all, there should be at least ten to list.

Bonus points for adding what is just out of frame on the right, something we talked about last week. One more picture from the roof of one of the hotels can be found after the jump. To the comments with your guesses!

[Photos: JasonD for HotelChatter]

Archived Comments:

Frances la

Left, Fullerton, swissotel and fairmont, the two towers used to be the Stamford group, the sands,mandarin hotel the marina ,park royal?the hidden raffle hotel behind fairmont.

My best bet

Ok so we have: One Fullerton, The Fullerton Hotel, The Carlton (old tower), The Swissotel, The Fairmont, The red roof of the Raffles on the second picture (if you look at it very closely), Then I would be tempted to say we see the InterCo Bugis far at the back but I wonder if it is my imagination speaking! Then we have the 2 Mandarin towers, the Ritz Carlton, Pan Pacific and Conrad. Missing is the wheel and the MBS. What is the rebranding? Something new happened around Raffles City?

Is it cheating if I lived there?

The 2 hotels with common background are The Fullerton (former main post office) and The Fullerton Bay (former Customs House).

Next is the rebranding towers.  The tall one was the Westin Plaza (at one time the tallest hotel in the world) and the Westin Stamford.  Later, they were reflagged by Raffles group to be the Swissotel and Raffles Plaza.  Still later, they decided not to 'pollute' the Raffles brand, and reflagged the shorter one as a Fairmont (also a Raffles flag).

I assume the hidden hotel you refer to is Raffles Hotel, the flagship of the brand.  Three nearby hotels (but not visible) are the Excelsior, the Neumi and the Intercon.  I think I see the Carlton, but can't be sure.

Then. You have Suntec/Marina area with the Mandarin, the Conrad, the Ritz and the Pan Pac.  

Off to the right (and unseen) is the Marina Bay Sands.

Should I mention the Westin under construction near the Fullertons?

I clearly need to go to Singapore

I have no clue!

Drum roll please....

The list we had in mind:

  1. Fullerton Bay Hotel
  2. Fullerton Hotel - tunnel between the two is being constructed
  3. The Carlton
  4. Swissotel The Stamford (formerly Westin)
  5. Fairmont Plaza (formerly Raffles Plaza, link with the classic Raffles out of sight)
  6. Meritus - Marina Mandarin
  7. Conrad
  8. Pan Pacific
  9. Mandarin Oriental
  10. Ritz-Carlton Millenia

To the right, Marina Bay Sands!