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Looking Up To And Down From Singapore's Mammoth Marina Bay Sands

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We’ve looked at both the death-defying pool and the gym-with-a-view at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, but since those areas are resident-only, what are your options to experience some of this behemoth hotel if you’re not staying in one of its 2,561 rooms? During a recent trip to Singapore, we popped over to find out just that.

Given its size and slightly outlandish architecture – three towers, 57 stories, and the Sky Park at the top – the place is hard to miss from anywhere in the surrounding area. No matter how many times we saw it, whether up close or from a distance, there were still moments where we looked at it in a seriously, who came up with that? kind of way. The dial really gets turned up to eleven during Wonder Full, the nightly laser / music show, best viewed from across the water.

Shown at 8pm and 9.30pm (Friday and Saturday, an 11pm slot is added), the thirteen-minute extravaganza took 100 specialists three years to develop. The lower structure goes from deep blue to vibrant red and bright purple, while lasers beam through the night from the Sky Park. Water screens, fountains, and bursts of fire, accompanied by a soundtrack recorded by a 140-piece orchestra, it’s all there.

Walking through the ground floor “lobby” of the hotel, or having a drink in the lounge underneath Tower 3, we can best compare to being in a giant airport terminal, if airport terminals were 57 stories tall. Not surprisingly, there were masses of people around, including Vegas-style queues for check-in and check-out. Impressive, it is - intimate, it's not. Looking up, you can see the different slopes each tower has, with artwork dangling high above you.

Rather than pay the S$20 ($16) for admission to the Observation Deck on floor 57, we decided to spend that money towards lunch at restaurant KU DÉ TA, which serves modern Asian cuisine on the same floor. While the Observation Deck allows you to get closer to the edge of the building, we were happy to spend the money on food and take in the views from the restaurant’s terrace. On one side, you have the entire city in front of you, on the other, the newly-built Gardens by the Bay complex and the numerous ships waiting to get into Singapore harbor.

Naturally, a hotel/casino this size has more options for food and drinks than we could list here, and you could spend a good few hours getting around the giant mall and /or losing yourself in the casino. In addition, there is the interesting Art Science Museum on the waterfront.

A Deluxe room in Tower 3 at Marina Bay Sands starts at S$489 (U$396) on a Saturday late May.

[Photos: JasonD for HotelChatter]

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