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How We Found a Brand New Hotel Room In Manhattan for Under $200 a Night

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  Site Where: 538 W. 48th Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10036
May 23, 2013 at 5:49 PM | by | ()

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If you're looking to visit to Manhattan this summer, you're probably in disbelief over the room rates. We mentioned the truly outrageous ones last week ($700+ for a Sheraton) but we're also seeing some non-spectacular, chain hotels going for at least $300 a night. If you want to stay two or more nights, that's going to be at least $600, not including taxes or WiFi charges. And thanks to a recent court ruling, you can't even use AirBnB.com anymore to try and score a cheap room in the Big Apple.

While our 5 fave hotel booking sites can help us get the best deal, they can't lower the rates to the price point we like/need--which is about $200 a night, before taxes. But after some digging and throwing some caution to the wind, we found a room for just under $200 a night in mid-June at the just-opened Holiday Inn Express, Manhattan West Side.

Located at 48th and 10th Avenue, the hotel is firmly in the old Hell's Kitchen nabe but it's ideal for folks who have business or leisure plans in and around Times Square which is about four big blocks away. We've stayed in the area before, at Ink48 (which is sold out the nights we are visiting), and it's not the most exciting neighborhood in Manhattan but we're hardly going to be in our room at all. And besides, we didn't pick the hotel because of the neighborhood.

Two reasons sold us on booking the Holiday Inn Express. First, it's a brand-new hotel, having just opened a few days ago. Also, it has free WiFi and you know how much we love and need that. Oh and how can we forget--the price was totally right.

On the hotel's own website, we had the option of booking an advance purchase rate for $197 a night which would be totally nonrefundable. Or we could pick a flexible rate for about $220. Then we noticed the AAA option which had rooms for $198 a night and is entirely refundable (if you cancel the reservation 24 hours before your stay.)

All in, we nabbed a two-night stay for a total of $461, taxes included. And for what it's worth, we checked the AAA rates again today and they just jumped to $270 a night. So we got an amazing deal. (Yes, we know it's the Holiday Inn Express but like we said, it's brand new and it has free WiFi. Of course, we'll keep you posted on how it all went.)

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I just used my friends IHG Friends and Family rate and scored an average rate of $168 6/29 - 7/3!  Thanks for the tip!

Oh that's awesome!

So glad to help. We'll have a full report on our trip which is before yours, so stay tuned!

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