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But Will The Burj Al-Arab's Golden iPads Make The Internet Work Faster?

May 22, 2013 at 8:50 AM | by | ()

The answer is: of course not! But this is The Burj Al Arab and whatever their high-paying guests want, or think they might want, they will get. Hence the new 24 carat gold iPads that are now available in all guestrooms. (No doubt, these will show the Emirates Palace just how silly their gold Christmas tree was!)

The iPad will be loaded with the Burj Al Arab's own virtual concierge software, enabling guests to order up whatever they wish through the iPad. The glittering iPad is just one of the latest high tech amenity additions to the Burj which already has iMacs in each room, plasma TVs and private butler service. Fortunately, the WiFi is free.

The golden iPads are also another attention getter for the attention-seeking hotel which also has $7,250 ashtrays, the fanciest concierge desk ever and a helipad tennis court.

But as Business Insider points out--the starting room rate is $1,500 so perhaps offering up gold iPads is the least the Burj could do.

[Photo: @BurjAlArab/Twitter]

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