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NYLO's First NYC Hotel is Ready to "Meet Its Maker"

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May 20, 2013 at 1:31 PM | by | ()

Back in March we got a preview of the upcoming NYLO Hotel on Manhattan's Upper West Side which will open inside the existing On the Ave Hotel. Today, we learn the hotel is nearly finished with a June/July opening on the horizon but there's also a way to stay in one of the NYLO rooms as early as tomorrow night.

We chatted up Michael Suomi of Stonehill + Taylor, the architecture and interior design firm responsible for the NYLO Hotel (and the man behind the awesome Hyatt House chair) to get more detes on just what to expect from NYLO's first-ever New York City hotel.

Suomi and his team at S+T were responsible for doing not just the guestrooms at the hotel but also the public spaces including the new LOCL lobby bar which we've already shown you here. But doing the first NYC hotel for a brand whose name actually means "New York Loft", yet who have only opened hotels in suburban Texas and Rhode Island, meant the design had to be something the brand has never done before. "It's sort of like meeting your maker," Suomi said.

While NYLO did have some "program furniture" requests like the platform bed, the desks and the lighting, Stonehill + Taylor designed the nifty storage unit/dressers and nightstands as well as the bold-colored curtains and sleek hard flooring.

As you can see from the room pictures here, the NYLO is already the coolest hotel on the Upper West Side which is typically populated with older "mom and pop" hotels. But it's not just the rooms that have us excited about NYLO. Aside from the LOCL bar, the hotel also has three restaurants to choose from--Serafina, Geisha Table and the uptown outpost of Red Farm, which is still under construction. At last, the Upper West Side is no longer a no-man's hotel land. Suomi, who himself has lived in the area since 1999, believes that NYLO is just the start of a hotel renaissance for the Upper West Side.

"There's already been a retail gentrification on the Upper West Side over the past couple of years. I would say the hotel gentrification is probably about two years away, " Suomi said.

Excited to get inside the new NYLO Hotel? You can as early as tomorrow. We were browsing on Quikbook yesterday and found a room at On the Ave for $469 a night. That's for a "newly renovated luxury room" which no doubt means the new NYLO rooms. If you take a chance on the hotel, do let us know how it went. Otherwise, we'll keep you posted on the spot when it officially reopens as a NYLO.

[Photos: NYLO Hotels]

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