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Egypt's First Dry Hotel Says Bye Bye To All Booze Forever

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May 3, 2013 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

Remember the other day, when we made a list of things to do in a hotel that don't involve staying overnight, and one of those things was getting drunk at the hotel bar? Well, that's one thing you won't be able to do at Les Rois, a 183-room hotel in the Egyptian waterfront city of Hurghada.

CNN reports that on Saturday, a special ceremony took place marking the hotel's transition to become Egypt's first non-alcohol hotel.

In a gesture of the hotel's commitment to staying dry, owners actually lined up bottles along the bar and smashed them. Subtle, huh?

The ceremony was attended by a Sunni cleric, hotel management, and the hotel's owner, who said the aim of this all is to "provide a new kind of tourism." Indeed, the government has recently cracked down on the number of alcohol licenses that are issued to restaurants and hotels, so this could very well be the first of many hotels in Egypt going booze-free.

Prior to the change, the hotel had two bars and an English-style pub.

When traveling, it's always important to show respect when it comes to others' religious customs, though we gotta say: we can easily see this "no-alcohol hotel" initiative severely backfiring when it comes to luring more tourists to the country. When was the last time you made a point of vacationing somewhere because there was no booze? Yeah, we thought so.

Do you support these new measures? Is a booze-free hotel some place you would ever consider staying? Share your thoughts below!

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Having lived in Egypt after the revolution for year on a fellowship, hotel bars were our salvation. They were the only places to get imported spirits other than private clubs or airport duty free. There are some delicious Egyptian-made wines and beers (don't even think about ordering the distilled spirits--they are famed for causing all kinds of problems), but for imported alcohol, hotels were essential. Given that Hurghada is favored by hard-drinking eastern Europeans and Russians, it is hilarious to imagine this hotel will last more than a few months. Next, look for segregated beaches and totally covered up swimwear for women (it exists, believe me).