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The Hotel Zaza in Dallas Gets Serious About Their Tech Offerings

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  Site Where: 2332 Leonard St [map], Dallas , TX, United States, 75201
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Often times, when we plead our case for free hotel WiFi, we hear that setting up a network or upgrading an existing network is an expensive investment for hotels and in order to recoup the costs, they need to charge guests to use the WiFi.

Now, every hotel is different but there are plenty of hotels out there that have been updating their networks to provide faster speeds and more bandwidth to guests and they still aren't charging for WiFi.

For example, The Hotel ZaZa in Dallas which recently added a new fiber data network throughout the hotel. Hotel president, Benji Homsey, explained the reason for the network upgrade saying:

We designed this network with special attention to the increased presence of Apple iPad, iPhone and Google/Android users in conjunction with the typical laptop usage. We want every Hotel ZaZa guest to have the best, from coverage and access points to best of breed fiber data network to the newly installed bedside power docks in every room.

And the charge to access the internet? It's still totally free.

The ZaZa brand, which just turned 10 this year, has another hotel in Houton and plans to open a third in Austin. All with free WiFi too.

Now about those bedside power docks, check them out below. We're in love. The hotel has also put in smartphone docks into the suites which allow guests to power up any type of smartphone.

Bedside power strips are in every room at the Hotel Zaza

Smartphone docks, which have 20 cords to charge up various devices, are found in the suites.

Rates at the Hotel Zaza start at $259 a night.

[Photos: Hotel ZaZa]

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