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How the Hell Did Holiday Inn Get So Many Song Shout Outs?

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May 17, 2013 at 12:36 PM | by | ()

Did you realize that almost 50 songs mention the Holiday Inn hotel chain? Some are more flattering than others, for sure, but it is really interesting. A few of them even have "Holiday Inn" in the song title. Can you think of any other corporate company, let alone hotel chain, that has received even close to that amount of pop-culture references? From hip-hop to country, the number of mentions is really bizarre.

We know it's a popular and well-known establishment, but we're somewhat baffled/majorly impressed as to how it has managed to work its way into so many songs. You know, McDonald's is popular, and so is Walmart, but we're having trouble thinking of one song that mentions them, let alone 50.

Hats off to Holiday Inn -- somehow, someway, people feel the need to sing their praises. Here are a few of the more popular mentions. Do you have any favorites? Feel free to share them with us on this fine Friday!

Jimmy Buffett, Cheeseburger in Paradise: Not exactly a positive plug, but a mention nonetheless from one of the most popular entertainers of the past few decades.

Heard about the old time sailor men

They eat the same thing again and again

Warm beer and bread they said could raise the dead

Well it reminds me of the menu at a holiday inn

Chingy featuring Snoop Dogg and Ludacris, Holiday Inn: Who's going to argue with Snoop Dogg?

(Whachu doin?) Nothing chillin at the Holiday Inn

(Who you wit?) Me and my peeps won't you bring four of your friends

(What we gon' do?) Feel on each other and sip on some Hen

One thing leading to another let the party begin

Joe Nichols, Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off: Will someone please point us in the direction of the Holiday Inn that serves good margaritas?

She said, "I'm going out with my girlfriends

For margaritas at the Holiday Inn"

Oh have mercy my only thought

Was tequila makes her clothes fall off

Sugarhill Gang, Rapper’s Delight: One of the most popular and influential hip-hop songs of all time shows its love for the Holiday Inn.

everybody go hotel motel holiday inn

you say if your girl starts actin up then you take her friend

Elton John, Holiday Inn: Even Elton freaking John named a song for it and gives it two mentions!

Boston at last and the plane's touching down

Our hostess is handing the hot towels around

From a terminal gate to a black limousine

It's a ten minute ride to the Holiday Inn

Slow down Joe, I'm a rock and roll man

I've twiddled my thumbs in a dozen odd bands

And you ain't seen nothing till you've been

In a motel baby like the Holiday Inn

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